11th Nordic-Baltic Conference on Biomedical Engineering Regional meetinng of: IFMBE  and EMBS. 6-10 JUNE 1999 TALLINN, ESTONIA
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Preparation of papers

The papers should be submitted camera-ready. In the Proceedings of the Conference the papers will be reproduced directly from the hardcopy submitted by the authors. The authors must strictly adhere to the instructions for preparation of camera-ready copy of their papers. (See the example.)

A letter of submission listing the complete address, fax and e-mail of the paper's author, as well as the complete addresses of all the co-authors, must be attached to the paper. Along with the hardcopy of the paper, please send its electronic version.
Please submit:
Letter of submission
High quality camera-ready hardcopy
Two additional hardcopies
Electronic version on 3.5 floppy disk
Papers must reach the
Conference Secretariat by January 17, 1999.
Please send your paper to:
Secretariat of the 11th NBCBME
Tallinn Technical University
Biomedical Engineering Centre
Ehitajate tee 5


Instructions for Preparing Papers for the 11th NBCBME

Jevgeni Riipulk and Hiie Hinrikus
Biomedical Engineering Centre, Tallinn Technical University

 5 Ehitajate Road, 19086 Tallinn, Estonia

Abstract: Instructions for preparing papers for the 11th NBCBME are presented. Publishers' requirements and the Conference series' traditions were used to elaborate the instructions. They are intended to guide the authors in preparing camera-ready hardcopy and electronic form of their papers. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in rejection of a paper.

Paper size

Use A4 (210 x 297 mm) paper. Leave 25 mm margins at the top and bottom, 20 mm on the left and 15 mm on the right side. The maximum document size is two pages.


The text should be typed single-spaced. Use Times Roman typeface throughout the paper.

Centre the title (14 point bold), author's names, affiliations and addresses (12 point regular) spanning the entire page. Leave one blank line after the title and the names and affiliations.

Provide abstract of the paper (10 point bold) no longer than 15 lines.

Type the text of the paper (10 point regular) in two columns 85 mm wide with a space of 5 mm between the columns. Each column should be left and right justified. Indent paragraphs by 5 mm.

Include an introduction, methods, results, and conclusion, as separate sections. Use only one level of headings. Capitalise section headings and leave one blank line before and after each heading.

Figures and tables

Insert figures and tables in the text, spanning both columns if necessary. Provide numbering and captions. Place captions above the tables and below the figures. Leave one blank line before, and one after, the captions. Do not indent the captions. Do not use characters smaller than 8 point in figures.

Point sizes to be used in various parts of the paper are summarised in Table 1.

Table 1. Font sizes to be used in various parts of the paper.

Item Font size Font style
Title 14 Bold
Names, affiliations and addresses 12 Regular
Abstract 10 Bold
Body text 10 Regular

Only black and white graphics are acceptable. Photographs should be submitted as high quality original glossy prints. Computer-generated raster graphics should be submitted in electronic form.


Place full list of references at the end of the text using IEEE Transactions format [1-4]. Number references in their text order, using square brackets.


[1] O. T. Zimmerman and I. Lavine, Coversion Factors and Tables. Dover, NH: Industrial Research Service, 1961.

[2] G. O. Young, "Synthetic structure of industrial plastics," in Plastics, vol. 3, Polymers of Hexadromicon, J. Peters, Ed., 2nd ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1964, pp. 15-64.


[3] M. A. McHenry and D. C. Chang, "Coupled-mode theory of two non-parallel dielectric waveguides," IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory Tech., vol. MTT-32, pp. 1469-1475, Nov. 1984.

Articles from published conference proceedings:

[4] D. B. Payne and J. R. Stern, "Wavelength-switched passively coupled single-mode optical network," in Proc. IOOC-ECOC '85, 1985, p. 585.


Please submit your paper in electronic form, along with the camera-ready hardcopy. Prepare your text and graphics in one of the generally acceptable formats (black and white only.) Compress files if necessarily. Submit files via 3½ floppy disk. Mark the author's name, operating system and file format on the disk label.

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