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Paper submissions 25 September 1997
Notification of Acceptance 15 November 1997
Camera Ready Manuscript   1 December 1997
Registration (regular fee)   1 December 1997

Paper Format

Please note: Although these guidelines are presented in one column, your manuscript should be formatted in TWO.

How to Prepare a Manuscript for the 2nd International Conference on Bioelectromagnetism

Juha Nousiainen, Jari Hyttinen, Hannu Eskola, Jaakko Malmivuo
Ragnar Granit Institute, Tampere University of Technology
P.O. Box 692, FIN-33101 Tampere, Finland

Abstract: This document contains instructions for the preparation of manuscripts to be submitted to the 2nd ICBEM. The abstract may not be longer than 15 lines.

Manuscripts must be written according to the layout and instructions given in this document.

The maximum length of the paper is two pages. The text of the manuscript must be printed in two-columns (85 mm width) with a single line spacing and contained within the dimensions given in this document with blue markings. Please use Times-Roman font. The point sizes to be used in different parts of the manuscript are given in Table 1.

TABLE 1. Font Sizes to be used in manuscript
font sizefont style
authors and affil.
other text

Begin all paragraphs with a 5 mm indentation. Do not add blank lines between paragraphs. Leave one line space above and below all headings. Use only one level of headings.
The title of the manuscript, full names, institutions and addresses of the authors should be centered using the full width of the paper. The title must not exceed two lines.

Number the figures (Figure 1) and do not indent the figure legend. Figures can fit across both columns if necessary. If possible include figures in the text document, otherwise paste them taking care to keep the page flat. The tables (Table 1) must be inserted in the text. Number any equations consecutively.
References must be numbered in square brackets in the order of their citation in the text [1]. A full list of references should be given at the end of the paper using the IEEE format as shown below. [2,3].

[1] A.B Author, S. Else and S. More, "Title of the paper," Journal Name, vol. 13, pp. 111-123, 1993.
[2] B. Writer, Book. New York: Cliffhanger, 1970.
[3] D. Dummy, "Title of a paper in a book," in Proceedings of the 2nd ICBEM. Tampere: Ragnar Granit Foundation, 1996, pp. 77-80.

Papers for the conference should be prepared according to the guidelines explained on this page. Papers should be submitted in paper format and preferably also in electronic form.

- A4, max 2 pages
- write according to the instructions

- camera ready high quality paper copy
- two additional copies
- only black and white illustrations
- electronic format: ASCII format, WP, MSWord
- on IBM PC disks

- The deadline for papers is 25 September 1997. Notification of scientific acceptance will be sent to the authors by 15 November 1997. The deadline for registration is 1 December 1997. Please note that at least one author of the paper must register before the paper can be finally accepted.


ORAL PRESENTATIONS will be 10 min, with an additional 5 min for discussion. Two slide projectors and an overhead projector will be available in each room. The use of additional equipment may be arranged by contacting the conference managers.

POSTER SESSIONS are scheduled during the coffee breaks (coffee is served in the ballroom foyer area). Posters will be displayed for one full day. Posters should be 95cm (width) x 120cm (height).

Send your Manuscript to:
Office of Continuing Education
Monash University
Wellington Road
CLAYTON, Victoria 3168