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Monday 16 February 1998


9.00 - 10.30


9.00 - 10.30


9.00 - 10.30

Is Accurate Recording of the Surface Laplacian Feasible? - D.Geselowitz

Computed System for Detection and Spectral Analysis of Bioelectromagnetic Mechanoemission from Blood - V. Orel, N.N. Dzyatkovskaya, I.N. Kadyuk, Y.I. Mel'nic

Detection and Processing of Single-Trial Evoked Potentials: Model-Based Signal Subspace Approach - P. Kisilev, Y.Y. Zeevi, H. Pratt

Modeling the Volume Conductor - Double Fourier Series Approximation Versus Spherical Harmonic Expansion - G. Lafer, P. Wach, B. Tilg

Effect of the skull on scalp potentials - H. Eskola, T. Toivo, P. Laarne, A. Lahtinen, A-P. Meretoja, H. Lang, J. Malmivuo

Spectral Analysis of Bioelectric Signals by Adapted Wavelet Transforms - U. Wiklund. M. Akay

Respiratory Sounds Denoising using Wavelet Packets - M. Bahoura, M. Hubin, M. Ketata

Derivation of Complex Resistivity Values from MFEIT Images formed with Reactive References - A. Fitzgerald, H. Griffiths

Breast Image Processing and Tele-Image Transmission - P.A. Venkatachalam, G.Y. Hau, N.U. Kalthum

Weak ELF Magnetic Fields Slow the Cell Cycle Clock in Root Tips of Vicia faba L., The Broad Bean - B. Rapley, R.E. Rowland

Electrochemical Treatment of Localized Tumours with Direct Current - C.K. Chou, N. Vora, J. R. Li, W. Wang, Y. Yen, R. L. Ren, J. A. McDougall, C. Staud , B. S. Zhou , L Weiss

Studies on Brain Tissue and Blood Plasma Electrolytes under Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field - A. Canseven, N. Seyhan, A. Aydin, A. Isimer

Mapping of Microwave Radiation of Tissues for Exploration of Breast Tumors - H. Hinrikus, J. Riipulk


11.00- 12.30


11.00- 12.30



The Effect of the Subcutaneous Fat Layer on the Measurement of the Surface Laplacian - P. Johnston, D. Kilpatrick

The Solving of Physiological Artefacts Identification Method - M. Kofronova, A. Krticka

MagneSim: A Simple Magnetic Field Modelling Program - W. Page, B. Rapley

Application of the Parameters, Reflecting Ventricular Repolarization Inhomogeneity for Identification of Patients with Life-Threatening Arrythmias - J. Kaik, J. Lass, K. Meigas

Power Frequency Magnetic Fields & Computer VDU Interference Phenomena - T. Donovan

Spectral Analysis of Myoelectric Signals by Wavelet Methods - S. Karlsson, J. Yu, M. Akay

Characterising the Discrete Wavelet Transform of an ECG Signal with Simple Parameters for use in Automated Diagnosis - G. McDarby, B.G. Celler , N.H. Lovell

Multiresolution Based Fuzzy c-Means Clustering for Brain Hemorrhage Analysis - K. Cheng

Finding Characteristic Bands from Protein Sequences using Wavelet Packet Transform and Energy Map - Q. Fang, I. Cosic

Kinetics of Pore Disappearance in a Cell After Electroporation - G. Saulis

Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field Effects on Natural Killer Cell Activity - A. Canseven, N. Seyhan, S. Mirshahidi, T. Imir

Nonlinear Models of Cells Exposed to Electromagnetic Fields - Y. S. Yang, C. J. Thompson, D. C. Bardos, K. H. Joyner

Continuous Observation of Single Sweat Gland Activity - A.K.M. Shamsuddin, T. Togawa

Low-Frequency Magnetic Field Modifies Indirect Neurotrauma Caused by Pulmonary Blast Injury - I. Cernak, V. Prokic, L. Konstantinovic , D. Djurdjevic , J. Savic

14.00 Ballrooms -
STATE OF THE ART SPEAKER - Macro-neocortical Dynamics, Cognition and EEG - P.L. Nunez


15.15- 16.30


15.15- 16.30



Innovation Management and Technology Assessment in Medical Industry - B Stroetmann, M Beier, H Kirchner, T Redel

An Odour Sensing Robot Draws Inspiration from the Insect World - A. Russell

Consideration of EDLC as Emergency Power Source for Totally Implantable Medical Device - H. Watanabe, N. Jinguji, H. Matsuki, N. Hoshimiya, S. Nitta

New Instruments to Measure Oxygen Saturation and Total Hemoglobin Volume in Local Skin by Near-infrared Spectroscopy - Y. Nagashima, N. Komeda, Y. Yada, A. Sakai, H. Nose

Design and Implementation of a Microprocessor-based Controller for Rate-Responsive Demand Pacemaker Applications - W-Y. Chung, H-S. Lin, Y-F. Chen, C-W. Yen

Neural Networks with Wavelet Preprocessing in EEG Artefact Recognition - K. Blinowska, R. Ksiezyk, P. Durka, M. Skalski, W. Szelenberger

Cortical Imaging Based on Spherical Head Models - E. Gunter, P. Wach, G. Pfurtscheller

Artificial Neural Network for the Exercise Electrocardiographic Detection of Coronary Artery Disease - R. Lehtinen, H. Holst, V. Turjanmaa, L. Edenbrandt, O. Pahlm, J. Malmivuo

Quantitative Multivariate analysis with Artificial Neural Networks - C.-W. Lin, T.-C. Hsiao, M.-T. Zeng, H.-H. Chiang

Reconstruction of the Spectral Properties of a Biomolecule under Electromagnetic Exposure by Means of Molecular Simulation - M. Zago, P Fossati , A Palombo , G D'Inzeo

van der Waals Interaction of Biopolymers in Intracellular Liquid - A. Pinchuk, V. I. Vysotskii

Antisense Homology Boxes Coincide with the Hot Spot Regions Predicted by Resonant Recognition Theory - L. Baranyi, I. Cosic, W. Campbell, V. Deretey, N. Okada, H. Okada

Prediction of Protein Active Site using Digital Signal Processing Methods - I. Cosic, Q. Fang



Tuesday 17 February 1998


9.00 - 10.30


9.00 - 10.30


9.00 - 10.30

Diagnostic Potential of Electrical Bio-Impedance for Skin and Oral Mucosa - S. Ollmar, I. Nicander

Effective Bioimpedance Spectroscopy Method for Evaluation of Body Cell Water Compartments - R. A. Fiorini, G. Dacquino, G. Arrigo, G. Colasanti, L. Selicato, G. D'Amico

Non-Invasive Iterative Skull Resistivity Estimation Based on A Priori Information - D. Chen, R.B. Silberstein, A.D. Seagar, P.J. Cadusch, D. Murphy

Observation of Human Impedance at 150 kHz for Analysis of Acupuncture Points - A. Suhariningsih, H. Kanai

Development of a New In Vitro RF Exposure Device for Confocal Microscopy Imaging during Concurrent 900 MHz RF Exposure - V. Anderson, A.W. Wood, K.H. Joyner

The Safety of Digital Mobile Cellular Telephones with Minute Ventilation Rate Adaptive Pacemakers - K.Joyner, P.B. Sparks, H.G. Mond, M.P. Wood

Investigation of Analogue and Digital Mobile Phone Low Frequency Radiation Spectrum Characteristics - B. Heath, S. Jenvey, I. Cosic

The Effect of SMF on Hydration of Different Tissues of Starved Rats - A. Danelian

Recent Advances in Image Analysis of Chromosomes Subjected to HG-Banding and In Situ Hybridization (FISH) - A. Novak, A. Jovanovic

A Possible Role of Excitons within the Protein Backbone - P. Ciblis, I. Cosic

Dielectric Characterization of Hen Egg White with Denaturation and in Cool Storage - Y. Lu, M. Fujii, H. Kanai

RRM Designed a-Chymotrypsin-like Peptides - E. Lazoura, I. Cosic

Analysis of Amino Acid Parameters in the Resonant Recognition Model - E. Pirogova, Q. Fang, E. Lazoura, I. Cosic


11.00- 12.30


11.00- 12.30


11.00- 12.30

Simulated Annealing and Genetic Algorithms Based Methods for Impedance Image Reconstruction - K-S Cheng, B Chen

Accurate Conductivity Model of the Human Abdomen for Electrogastrography - I. Konkka, H. Eskola, V. Turjanmaa

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis: The Electronic Skin-Fold Caliper? - L. Ward, B. Cornigh, N. Fuller, O. Dewit, M. Elia, B. Thomas

The Skin 2D Electrobioimpedance Response to a Remote Non-Thermal nn-EMF Exposition: Phenomenological Study - Y.F. Babich

Instrumentation for the Non-Invasive Direct Measurement of Skull Impedance - A. Seagar, D. Chen

Effects of EMF on the Human Brain Activity - H. A. Sadafi, A. W. Wood, R. B. Silberstien

The Natural Geoelectric Field - F. Kocijan

Is There a Relationship Between Sunspot Numbers and Psychiatric Admissions? - M. Cohen, A. Wohlers

Cellular Effects of Exposure to 835 MHz Electromagnetic Fields - P. French, D. McKenzie, M. Donnellan

Thermal Profiles in a Biomass under Microwave Hyperthermia: A Steady State Analysis - R. W. Y. Habash, H. T. Alhafid, A. H. A. Bakar, Z. Awang


Three Dimensional Excitation Sequence During Torsade de Points in the Cardiac Computer Model with M cells - O. Okazaki, D. Wei, K. Haruni, N. E. Harrison

Therapeutic Applications of Magnetic Field - H. A. Sadafi

The Therapeutic Applications of Static Magnetic Fields-A Case Study - D. Wicks, M. Cohen

Bio Magnetic Micro-Massage Therapy (BMMT) Basic Research - D. Susic

Biological and Clinical Effects of Electromagnetism - E.A. Bakay, Yu. F. Babich, T.P. Shulkevich


14.00 Ballrooms -
STATE OF THE ART SPEAKER - Basecs of the Action of Monochromatic Visible and Near IR (Laser) Radiation on Cells - T. Karu



Wednesday 18 February 1998


9.00 - 10.30


9.00 - 10.30


9.00 - 10.30

Correlation Between Measured Surface and Endocardial Electrical Signals of Heart - H. Hinrikus, J. Kaik, K. Meigas, J. Lass

Designing Better Adaptive Sampling Algorithms for ECG Holter Systems - S.C. Tai, C.W. Chang, C.F. Chen

Multichannel SQUID System for Detecting Fetal Magnetocardiograms - K. Akhiko, K. Tsukada, H. Horigome, M. Asaka, S. Shigemitsu, M. Takahashi, Y. Terada, T. Kubo, A. Matsui, T. Mitsui

Measurement of Haemodynamic Parameters during Dobutamine Echocardiography by Automated Impedance Cardiography - A.W.Scherhag, S. Pfleger, J. Stastny, W. Boelker, D. Heene

Comparison of Three Methods for Baroreflex Determination - A. Krticka, M. Kofronova, N. Honzikova, B. Fiser, Z. Novakova

Electrical Neuroimmunomodulation a Possible Mechanism for Wound and Cancer Treatment - L. Vodovnik, D. Miklavcic, T. Kotnik

Sound Wave and Frozen Shoulder - S-T Kuo

Dolphin Sonar Pulse Intervals and Human Resonance Characteristics - S. Birch

Electric Field Based Sensing for Underwater Vehicle Guidance - G. Chetty, A. Russell

A Realistically Shaped Finite Element Model of the Human Head for Electric Field Simulation - D. Chen, R.B. Silbertstein, A.D. Seagar, P.J. Cadush, D. Murphy

Synergy Patterns Involved in Goal Directed Arm Movements - R. Tomovic

Effects of Firing Statistics on the Mean Frequency of EMG and VMG Signals - L. Y. Xu, Y. T. Zhang

Sequential Detection and Multi-Hypothesis Classification in Uterine Electromyography - J. Duchens, M. Khalil, C. Marque

Eddy Current Density for Non-Invasive Treatment System for Urinary Incontinence Using Functional Continuous Magnetic Stimulator (FCMS) - N. Ishikawa, S. Suda, T. Sasaki, H. Hosaka, T. Yamanishi, K. Yasuda, H. Ito

A New Feedback Controlled Functional Electrical Stimulation for the Resotration of Ambulation in Stroke Y-L. Chen, F. Tang, W. Chang, M. Wong, T. Kuo


11.00- 12.30


11.00- 12.30


11.00- 12.30

Measurement and Analysis of the Cardioelectric Field on the Basis of Symmetry of the Multipole Potentials - L. Titomir, V. Trunov, I Aidu E, N Barinove

Investigations of the Cardiac Electrical Field Plethysmography Signal - C. Nussbaum

System of Electrically Measured Physiological Parameters for Reconstruction of Heart Rate - H. Hinrikus, J. Lass, K. Meigas, J. Kaik

ECG Noise Cancellation using Digital Filters - H. Gholam-Hosseini, H. Nazeran, K.J. Reynolds

Computer Simulation of Bundle Branch Re-entry in a 3D Cellular Automata Model of the Heart - P.H. Fleischmann, P. Wach

Power Frequency Magnetic Fields and Computer VDU Interference Phenomena - T. Dovan, R. Owen

Effects of 50 Hz Magnetic Fields on Human Physiology: Plasma Melatonin Levels - A. W. Wood, M. L. Sait, S. M. Armstrong, M. J. Martin

Developing a Mathematical Model which Represents Magnetic Field Density around Powerlines - A. Zahedi, R.J. Tao

Model Experiments for Clearing up Mechanism of Structural Changes in Organisms Induced by Electromagnetic Field - J. Valdmanis, T. Kalnins, M. Lubane


SNR Improvement, Filtering and Spectral Equalisation in Cochlear Implants using Wavelet Techniques - C. Behrenbruch, B.J. Lithgow

Cochlear Implant Threshold Changes at High Electric Stimulus Pulse Rates - B. Lithgow

Potential Advantages of High Pulse Rate Stimulation of Cochlear Implants - B. Lithgow

Direct Current Measurements in Cochlear Implants: An in vivo and in vitro study - C.Q. Huang, P.M. Carter, R.K. Shepherd, P.M. Seligman, B. Tabor, G.M. Clark

14.00 Ballrooms -
STATE OF THE ART SPEAKER - A Modern Interpretation of Acupuncture and the Meridian System - J. Tsuei


15.15- 16.15


15.15- 16.15


15.15- 16.15

Reconstruction of Respiratory Patterns from Electrocardiographic Signals - H. Nazeran, K. Behbehani, F. Yen, P. Ray

Prediction of Carotid Pressure Waveforms by Mathematical Transformation of Pressure Waves Recorded from the Radial Artery - I. Rauchberger, A. Dart, M. Cohen

Myocardial Anisotropy in Genisis of Abnormal Q Waves in Hypertrophic Caridomyopathy: A Simulation Study - D. Wei, N. Miyamoto, S. Mashima

Clustering of Source Locations based on the Transfer Matrix for ECG Simulations - N. Takano, J. Hyttinen, P. Kauppinen, J. Malmivuo

Public Perceptions of Safety Standards for Human Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields - I. Beale, N. Thoms

FDTD Handset Antenna Modelling at 1800 MHz for Electrical Performance and SAR Results - J. Rowley, R.B. Waterhouse, K.H. Joyner

Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Waves-an Overview - S K Palit

Bioelectromagnetic Research and Statistical Power - J. Podd, W. Page, B. Rapley, I. Beale

Physiological Significance of the Meridian System - K-G Chen

Variability of Electric Skin Conductivity on Selected Points as a Potential Diagnostic and Prognostic Test in Asthmati Children - A. Fedorowski, E. Ziobro, A. Steciwko

Instant Kirlian Diagnostic System. (IKiDS) An unique form of diagnosis - V. Soultanov, J. Charalambous, E. White, D. Sapunar.

Do Acupuncture Points Have Different Absorption Properties to Laser Light than Surrounding Skin? - H. Lazoura, M. Cohen, E. Lazoura, I. Cosic

Shared Frequency Components between Schumann Resonances, EEG Spectra and Acupuncture Meridian Transfer Functions - M. Cohen, C. Behrenbruch , I. Cosic

A Concept in alagesic Mechanisms of Acupuncture - J-G. Lin



Thursday 19 February 1998


9.00 - 10.30


9.00 - 10.30


Theory and Application of Magnetic Field Therapy in Multiple Sclerosis - D.C. Laycock

On the Magnetosensitivity of Different Tissues of Rats - L. L. Harutunian, A. A. Danelyan, G. Y. Grigoryan, S. N. Ayrapetyan

Influence of Magnetic Fields on the Bacteria Growth and Division - R. Stepanian, Z. R. Alaverdian, S. N. Ayrapetian, A. A. Barseghian, H. H. Ogannessian

Testing a Commercial Water Magnetiser: A Study of Viscosity - B. Rapley, O. Campanella, W. Page, I. Beale, S. Glasgow

Bio Magnetic Micro Massage Therapy (BMMT) Apply in the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation - D. Susic

Bio Magnetic Energy in Pain Relief and Healing - B. Grace

The treatment of mice adenocarcinoma by people hand - N. L. Torshina, A. Volkova

Numerical Estimation of the State of Mind - T. Musha, H. Araga, H. A. Haque, K. Kawamorita, Y. Terasaki

Analysis of the Diurnal Variation of Arterial Pressure Waves - I. Rauchberger, A. Dart, M. Cohen

Biophysics, Biomolecular and Radionucleide Tracing Technique to Explain Signal Transduction Profile of Acupuncture Points - K. Saputra

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