Conference Photos

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1. The conference participants came from 36 countries. 2. Professor Fumihiko Kajiya, President of the IFMBE presented the greetings of the Federation.
3. Traditional Finnish folk dancing at the Opening Ceremony. 4. Setsuko Kajiya, Jaakko and Kirsti Malmivuo and State-of-the-Art lecturer Tetsuzo Akutsu at the Get-together party.
5. The Tampere City Reception at City Hall hosted by Chief Librarian Tuula Martikainen (on the right). From her to the left Jaakko Malmivuo and Kirsti Malmivuo. At far left Vasyl Molebny, Ukraine and Kalju Meigas , Estonia. 6. At the City Reception from the left: Marja-Leena Linne, RGI; Ilpo Rimpiläinen, RGI; Proceedings Editor Juha Nousiainen, RGI; Daming Wei, Japan.
7. State-of-the-Art lecturer, Nobel Laureate Ivar Giaever, USA (Norway) 8. Jukka Lekkala, Finland, and Heikki Teriö, Chairman of the Swedish Society of BME at the Commercial Exhibition.
9. Secretary General Jari Hyttinen, RGI; Vladimir Gutsalenko, Ukraine and Per Loubjerg, Denmark at the Poster Session. 10. Front: Katriina Ojala, UKK Institute; Carmelina Ruggiero, Italy; rear: Hiroshi Kanai, Japan and Laurence Diakhaté, France at the Walking test in the UKK Institute.
11. The Secretariat: Päivi Laarne, Soile Lönnqvist, Annika Wanamo, Pirkko Rowland and Heidi Lamminen. 12. Philippe Potty, Belgium; Marja-Leena Linne, RGI and Per Loubjerg, Denmark on the Lake cruise.
13. Co-Chairman of the Scientific Committee Robert Plonsey, USA and President of the IFMBE Fumihiko Kajiya, at the Banquet. 14. Lola Geselowitz, State-of-the-Art lecturers Roger Barr and David Geselowitz, USA; Chairman of the Organizing Committee Hannu Eskola, RGI; Chairman of the Estonian Society of BME Hiie Hinrikus.
15. State-of-the-Art lecturers Åke Öberg, Sweden and Adriaan van Oosterom, The Netherlands. 16. Vivian Plonsey, Ivar Giaever, Kirsti Malmivuo, Fumihiko Kajiya, Anita Eskola and Jüri Engelbrecht with the Samba Roseira dancing girls.
17. Stig Ollmar, Sweden. 18. Presidents of the 11th NBC Hiie Hinrikus, 10th NBC and the 1st ICBEM Jaakko Malmivuo and 2nd ICBEM Irena Cosic. The birch-bark horn and backpack are relays for the next conferences.

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