International Society for Bioelectromagnetism


Accepted in the Annual General Meeting on 2019.07.26


The name of the Society is in Finnish: "Kansainvälinen Bioelektromagnetismi-seura", in Swedish: "Internationella Sällskapet för Bioelektromagnetism" and in English: "International Society for Bioelectromagnetism". In the following, it will be referred to as "the Society". Its domicile is Helsinki, Finland.


The official language of the Society is Finnish, and it operates in Finnish, Swedish and English languages.


The Purpose of the Society shall be to promote the advancement of the science of bioelectromagnetism and in furtherance thereof:
1. to encourage and support research and education in the discipline of bioelectromagnetism and
2. to facilitate the dissemination of new knowledge in bioelectromagnetism.


To implement its purpose The Society
1. organizes International Congresses on Bioelectromagnetism.
2. organizes satellite meetings in connection to congresses.
3. organizes lectures, seminars, and discussions.
4. organizes membership meetings.
5. publishes on the Internet the free access scientific journal International Journal of Bioelectromagnetism,
6. maintains and develops the Society's Internet portal,
7. informs of scientific literature and congresses in bioelectromagnetism, and
8. promotes the discipline of bioelectromagnetism in all appropriate means.


A person who has at least basic knowledge of bioelectromagnetism and who values and respects the purpose of the Society, as stated in the Society's constitution may be admitted as a member of the Society.
The Society may have members, student members, and honorary members. The board will accept the members and student members based on the application. The honorary members are invited by the Annual General Meeting of the Society. The Society may also have supporting members who may be persons or communities.
The member has the right to resign the Society by notifying in written the board or the President thereof or by announcing a resignation at a meeting of the Society to be written to the minutes.
The board may discharge the member from The Society if the member has failed to fulfill the obligations, to which he/she has committed by joining the Society.


The amount of the annual membership fee will be fixed each year at the Annual General Meeting of the Society. The board of the Society has the right to exempt a single member from paying the membership fee due to studying, illness, unemployment, or any other similar reason.
Lifelong Membership Fee may also be paid instead of the Annual Membership Fee. The amount of the Lifelong Membership Fee is ten times the Annual Membership Fee.

7.    FUNDS

The Society may have fellowship- and other special funds.


The Society has the right to accept donations and testaments and to increase its assets with other legal means.
If there are special provisions regarding the use of funds in the donation or will, they must be complied with unless they conflict with the purpose of the Society. The funds thus obtained may be used to create special funds as required by the regulations and in the manner specified by the board.


Governing bodies of the Society are the Annual General Meeting and the board.

10.    THE BOARD

The Society is represented and managed by the board, consisting of the President, Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer, as well as the past President and three other members.
The term of office of the board is four (4) years, except for the President and Vice-President, whose term of office is two (2) years. The Vice-President is elected to serve as the next President. The term of office of the chairpersons cannot be extended, but the holders of these tasks will change every two years. Except for the Presidents, a board member may be re-elected for the next four (4) years, but not for more than two consecutive periods.


To prepare and investigate ad hoc matters the board may set expert bodies and committees, whose tasks and composition it determines.


The board shall meet when convened by the President or, in his / her absence, by the Vice-President. The President is required to convene the board if at least two board members have requested it in writing.
The board has a quorum when the President is present or, if he is prevented, the Vice-President and, including him, more than half of the members. A simple majority of votes decides things. When voting equally, the elections will be solved by the ballot, and in other matters, the decision is that which is supported by the President.
Invitation to board meetings is sent by letter or e-mail to each member at least one week before the meeting. The call to the meeting shall mention the items to be discussed. Remote participation in meetings of the Society and its board is possible by post or using a telecommunication connection or other technical aid tool before or during the meeting.
Minutes of the board meetings shall be drawn up, indicating the decisions taken at the meetings and voting in the event of disagreement. The minutes of the board are signed by the President and the secretary of the meeting. The minutes will be reviewed by two scrutinizers elected at the meeting.


The name of the Society is written by the President, Vice-President or Secretary/Treasurer of the board.


A central Secretariat shall be established, normally in the office of the Secretary/Treasurer, in order to facilitate the keeping of the minutes of the Society and the Council, the issuance of notices to, and correspondence with, members together also with the publication of abstract forms and collation of replies for distribution to the local Congress Organizer and generally to provide such assistance to the Secretary/Treasurer as is necessary from time to time in the carrying out of his duties.


The Society's Annual General Meeting is convened at least 30 days before the meeting by letter or e-mail. The Annual General Meeting will be held in connection with the International Conference of Bioelectromagnetism in January-June. In those years when this meeting is not held, the annual meeting will be held in conjunction with another international meeting appointed by the board or as an e-mail meeting.
At the Annual General Meeting:
1. the reports of the staff members and the duly audited accounts, the financial statements, and the decision on the discharge are presented,
2. the amount of the annual membership fee is decided,
3. the chairman of the board, called the President of the society, the Vice-President and the Secretary/Treasurer will be elected to replace those whose term is terminating.
4. the Auditor and Vice-Auditor are elected. They may serve in these duties for a maximum of four consecutive financial years.
In the meetings of the Society, each member has one vote. The decision of the Society meeting will be the opinion that has been supported by more than half of the votes cast. When voting equally, the elections will be solved by the ballot, and in other matters, the decision is that which is supported by the President.


The Society's financial year is the calendar year. The Secretary/Treasurer maintains the Society's accounts and is responsible for all costs and collection of membership fees. At the Annual General Meeting, the Secretary/Treasurer presents the accounts duly audited and the balance sheet of the Society.


The constitution of the Society may be changed, or the Society may be terminated if it is supported by a three-quarters majority of the members present at the Annual General Meeting. The proposed change or termination shall be communicated by letter to the Secretary/Treasurer at least two months before the Annual General Meeting, and it shall be mentioned in the invitation to the meeting.
When the Society discontinues operating, after the debts the remaining funds will be given to registered associations of general interest that share the same goals as the Society.