International Society for Bioelectromagnetism




The Society shall be known as:
"The International Society of Bioelectromagnetism" hereinafter referred to as "The Society"


The Purpose of the Society shall be to promote the advancement of the science of Bioelectromagnetism and in furtherance thereof:

a) To facilitate the dissemination of new knowledge in Bioelectromagnetism,
b) To encourage new research in Bioelectromagnetism
c) To sponsor International Congresses on Bioelectromagnetism,
d) To assist with satellite meetings related to Bioelectromagnetism

by promoting meetings, lectures, discussions, seminars, conferences and by any other appropriate means.


Membership of the Society shall be open to all interested persons either technically, medically or scientifically qualified in Bioelectromagnetism. New members of the Society will be accepted by the council.


The Office-Bearers of the Society shall be President, President Elect, who also serves as Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer.

Except for the case of the first President of the Society, the President shall succeed to his office from that of President Elect.

The President Elect shall be elected to serve during the two years of office of the President, so that the term of President Elect and subsequent Presidency will be four years' duration.

The Office-bearers shall be elected by majority voting by the Council at the Annual General Meeting of the Society and will serve for a term of four years, being eligible for re-Election for a further term but not for more than two consecutive terms. In the event of a mid-term vacancy on the Council or the Executive Committee, the Council shall have power to name a member to fill this vacancy, such appointed member to hold office for the remainder of the term and to be eligible for re-Election for one further term only.

The Membership Board, as hereinafter defined, shall, subject to the approval of the Society, nominate Members of the Council.

The Council shall consist of a maximum of thirty members. Members of Council will serve for a term of four years, being eligible for re-Election for a further term but providing that no Member of Council may serve for more than three consecutive terms.

The Council shall consist initially of those members already informally involved with the work of the Society but, shall be entitled to seek nominations to fill initial vacancies on the Council.

Nominations of members for election to the Council shall be made by two members and submitted by them jointly in writing with the consent of the nominee to the Secretary two calendar months prior to the Annual General Meeting.

For the avoidance of doubt, it is acknowledged that Council Members are to be elected as Individuals or as representatives of a particular region. There should be a minimum of two representatives from Europe, North America, the Far East or other such regions as shall be designated by the Council. Council Members will not be entitled to nominate an alternate to attend or cast a proxy vote at Council Meetings.

A Member of Council who is absent without valid reason from two consecutive Council Meetings will be deemed to have resigned and the Council may at their option proceed to name a member to fill the remaining vacancy.

Other than the President, no Member of Council shall serve more than three consecutive terms as Office-Bearer and Member of Council.

The Council will meet regularly, normally during the International Congress on Bioelectromagnetism and at such other times of the year and at such locations as shall be considered appropriate by the Council. The Council will determine the time and location of each Congress and will nominate an individual, to be known as local President, to preside over that Congress.


The Council will set up an Executive Committee consisting of the President, President Elect, Secretary/Treasurer, Past-President and three other Members of Council nominated by the Council.

The function of the Executive Committee shall be to ensure the efficient management of the business of the Council and the Society, and generally to promote the work and aims of the Society between International Congresses on Bioelectromagnetism.


The Council will set up a Membership Board consisting of the President, or President Elect, and two other Members of Council to consider nominations for election to the Council. The Membership Board will, in addition, have the power to make its own nominations for election to the Council. Final approval of membership nominees is a function of the entire council.


The Society shall authorize the setting up of Working Groups to organize separate Satellite Meetings, to advise on sessions for the International Congress on Bioelectromagnetism and wherever possible to establish co-operative studies. The Working Group shall have a Chairman who shall hold office for a term of four years.

The first Chairman of a Working Group shall be appointed by the Council, subsequent Chairmen being elected by the Working Groups.

The Chairman of a Working Group may hold office for two consecutive terms only.

Working Groups will be considered to be affiliated with the Society and all of their members deemed to be members of the Society.


A central Secretariat shall be established, normally in the office of the Secretary/Treasurer, in order to facilitate the keeping of the minutes of the Society and the Council, the issuance of notices to, and correspondence with, members together also with the publication of abstract forms and collation of replies for distribution to the local Congress Organizer and generally to provide such assistance to the Secretary/Treasurer as is necessary from time to time in the carrying out of his duties.


The Secretary/Treasurer shall maintain the Accounts of the Society, and be responsible for all expenditure and the collection of subscriptions. The Secretary/Treasurer shall present to the Annual General Meeting of the Society a professionally audited Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet of the Society.


An Annual Subscription will be payable by the members, the amount of which Subscription will be fixed each year at the Annual General Meeting of The Society and will be payable on 1st April each year. The Subscription will be payable by Bankers Order, Direct Debit or by such other method as the Council will determine. The Executive Committee retains the power to waive the Annual Subscription in individual cases of special difficulty.

Lifelong Subscription can also be paid instead of the Annual Subscription. The amount of the Lifelong Subscription is 10 times the Annual Subscription.


An Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held each year in connection with the International Congress on Bioelectromagnetism or other designated international congress if the International Conference on Bioelectromagnetism is not meeting, to receive the Reports of the Office-Bearers, the Secretary/Treasurer's Financial Report and Accounts and to fill, by election, vacancies on the Council.


The Constitution of the Society may be altered only by a majority of two-thirds of the members present at the Annual General Meeting of the Society. An intimation of any such proposed change must be sent in writing to the Secretary/Treasurer not less than two months prior to the Annual General Meeting, the Secretary/Treasurer sending notification thereof to members not less than one month prior to the Annual General Meeting.


In the event of the dissolution of the Society, any assets remaining after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall not be paid or distributed among the members but shall be given or transferred to a charitable organization having objects similar to those of the Society.