The 10th International Conference on Bioelectromagnetism


Table of Contents

Plenary Speeches Otto Schmitt: The Schmitt Trigger and his Many Other Major Contributions to Bioelectromagnetism Robert Patterson Were the First Ones Really the First Ones? Jaakko Malmivuo, Jussi Honkonen, Katrina Wendel-Mitoraj Session 1.1: Transcranial Neural Stimulation Introduction to Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Risto Ilmoniemi Navigated Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Clinical Practice and Research Jyrki Mäkelä Spatio-temporal Neuronal Dynamics in Subthalamic Nucleus and Cortex in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease Vadim Nikulin Non-invasive Estimation of Motor Cortical Functional Anisotropy and Muscle Representation with Neuro-navigated Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Petro Julkunen, Minna Pitkänen and Elisa Kallioniemi An Uncommon Masking Effect on Visual Perception with TMS Renate Rutiku, Kadi Tulver, Jaan Aru and Talis Bachmann Frequency-optimized Short Rectangular Chirp Pulses for Deep Brain Stimulation. Rauno Gordon, Mart Min and Raul Land Session 1.2: Magnetic Induction Based Sensing Session Keynote Speech Monitoring of Thoracic Activity Using Electromagnetic Coupling. Daniel Teichmann, Andreas Kuhn, Dennis De Matteis, Thorsten Bartelt, Marian Walter and Steffen Leonhardt Magnetic Induction Sensor for the Respiration Monitoring. J. Ojarand, S. Pille M. Min, R. Land and J. Oleitšuk Experience from a Trial Study of Getting Foucault Cardiograph Signal from Salty Water Medium. Jüri Vedru, Igor Vassilevski, Mart Ernits and Leo-Henn Humal Session 1.3: Homage to Professor Robert Plonsey Robert Plonsey 1924 – 2015, Scientist, Teacher, Gentleman and Friend Jaakko Malmivuo Robert Plonsey: A Mentor and Inspiration Yoram Rudy The Evolution of Cardiac Tissue Models Craig Henriquez and Marjorie Hubbard The Role of Ultrasound in Electro-Mechanical Coupling Olaf T. von Ramm Session 2.1: Bioimpedance I Session Keynote Speech Adaptive Signal Sampling for High Throughput, Broadband Impedance Spectroscopy Uwe Pliquett Biopsy Needle Including Bioimpedance Probe with Optimized Sensitivity Distribution Sanna Mäki, Juho Kari, Petri Ahonen, Timo Elomaa, Paul Annusy and Kai Kronström Estimating the Transfer Function Between the CAP and Radial EBI Cardiac Periods: Use of PCA for Dominating Spectral Features Extraction Andrei Krivoshei, Hasso Uuetoa, Mart Min, Jürgen Lamp, Paul Annus and Tiina Uuetoa A Quantitative Method for Monitoring Wound Healing Atte Kekonen, Jan-Erik Eriksson, Mikael Bergelin, Heimo Ylänen and Jari Viik Session 2.2: Bioelectricity Optomyography (OMG): A Novel Technique for the Detection of Muscle Surface Displacement Using Photoelectric Sensors Hamed Hamid Muhammed and Jammalamadaka Raghavendra Development of an Optical Monitoring Technology for Urea Rebound Assessment Ruth Tomson, Ivo Fridolin and Merike Luman Validation of Simulations of Eddy Current Methods with Measurements on Phantom Materials for Biomedical Engineering R&D. Ksenija Pesti, Hip Kõiv and Rauno Gordon Errors in Inverse Problem Solutions Due To Inaccuracies in Torso and Cardiac Anatomy. R. Martin Arthur and Scott B. Marrus Session 2.3: Bioimpedance II Session Keynote Speech The Early History of Impedance Cardiography and Reflections on its Current State. Robert Patterson Some Observations on Impedance and Ferranti Effect. Raul Land, Mart Min and Paul Annus Effects of Interelectrode Impedance in Water Conductivity Measurements with Capacitive Electrodes. Carles Aliau-Bonet and Ramon Pallas-Areny Multilead, Impedance Pneumography and Forced Oscillation Technique for Assessing Lung Tissue Mechanical Properties. Javier Gracia, Ville-Pekka Seppä and Jari Viik Session 2.4: Electromagnetic Phenomena and Wearable/Implantable Devices Observations Concerning the Results of Capacitive Monitoring of Breathing and Heart Rate by the Means of Electrical Bioimpedance. Margus Metshein Towards a Wearable Device for Capacitive Monitoring of Electrical Bioimpedance of Human Body. Margus Metshein and Toomas Parve Energy Harvesting Technologies - Potential application to Wearable Health-Monitoring. Faisal Ahmed, Yannick Le Moullec and Paul Annu Pacing algorithm test environment for simulating critical bleeding situations. Andres Kink Bridging the Gap between Technology and Usability for Portable Brain Trauma Scanning Device. Eiko Priidel, Annika Mikola, Rauno Gordon, Maret Martsepp, Pranay Kenkre, Taavi Taros and Taavet Pärenson