Proceedings of The 8th ICBEM, 13.-16.5.2011, Banff, Canada

Table of Contents

1. Numerical Simulation of Frequency-Difference EIT Using Multi-Shell Concentric Spherical Head Model. Ahn, S., Jun, S.C. and Woo, E.J. pp 1-4

2. Methods for the EEG Hyperscanning. Simultaneous Recordings from Multiple Subjects during Social Interaction. Astolfi, L., Toppi, J., Cincotti, F., Mattia, D., Salinari, S., De Vico Fallani, F., Wilke, C., Yuan, H., He, B. and Babiloni, F. pp 5-8

3. MEG-Based Brain Functional Connectivity Analysis Using eConnectome. Dai, Y. and He, B. pp 9-11

4. A Convex Relaxation Framework for Initialization of Activation-Based Inverse Electrocardiography. Erem, B., van Dam, P.M. and Brooks, D.H. pp 12-17

5. Adaptive Spatial Harmonic Analysis of EEG Data Using Laplacian Eigenspace. Graichen, U., Eichardt, R., Fiedler, P., Strohmeier, D. and Haueisen, J. pp 18-21

6. How Reducing Model Mismatch is Beneficial to EEG Source Localization? Simulation Study. Hong, J.H., Kim, D. and Jun, S.C. pp 22-26

7. Estimation of Cortical Dipole Dsitributions for Multiple Signal Sources Based on ICA. Hori, J. and Watanabe, Y. pp 27-31

8. An Evaluation of Single Dipole Solutions to Extended Sources in EEG and MEG. Huiskamp, G. pp 32-34

9. A Novel Cardiac Equivalent Moving Dipole Solution. Jiang, S. and Shi, M. pp 35-38

10. Cardiac Conductivity Values — A Challenge for Experimentalists? Johnston, P.R. pp 39-43

11. In Vivo MREIT Conductivity Imaging of Canine Brain to Evaluate Ischemia and Abscess. Kim, Y.T., Meng,Z., Minhas, A.S., Kim, H.J., Woo, E.J., Lim, C.Y. and Park, H.M. pp 44-47

12. Conductivity Imaging of Human Lower Extremity using MREIT with Multi-echo Pulse Sequence and 3 mA Imaging Current. Kim, Y.T., Minhas, A.S., Meng, Z., Kim, H.J., and Woo, E.J. pp 48-52

13. A Coupled Model to Jointly Predict EEG and Optical Evoked Response Changes in Rats under Varying Stimulus Patterns. Laxminarayan, S., Tadmor, G., Gagnon, L., Boas, D., Franceschini, M.A., and Brooks, D.H. pp 53-58

14. Altered Intrinsic Functional Organization of the Brain in Idiopathic Generalized Epilepsy. Luo, C., Yao, D., Zhou, D. and Gong, Q. pp 59-63

15. Three-dimensional MREIT Simulator (MREITSim). Minhas, A.S., Meng, Z., Kim, Y.T., Kim, H.J., Woo, E.J. and Kim, H.H. pp 64-67

16. Feasibility of Dual-frequency Conductivity Imaging using MREIT and MREPT. Minhas, A.S., Kim, Y.T., Kim, H.J., Woo, E.J., Kim, M., Kim, D. and Seo, J.K. pp 68-71

17. Influence of Skull Inhomogeneities on EEG Source Localization. Montes, V., Hallez, H. and Staelens, S. pp 72-76

18. Cortical Functional Connectivity Inference Using MEG. Rajaram, S., Bharadwaj, H., Shinn-Cunningham, B.G. and Lee, A.K.C. pp 77-80

19. Numerical Computations of Cardiac AP using Level Set Based Geometries. Rioux, M., Bourgault, Y., Belhamadia, Y., and Rousseau, O. pp 81-86

20. Effectiveness of Sparse Bayesian Algorithm for MVAR Coefficient Estimation in MEG/EEG Source-Space Causality Analysis. Sekihara, K., Attias, H., Owen, J. and Nagarajan, S.S. pp 87-92

21. Sparse Representation of EEG Signals for Motor Imagery based BCI Classification. Shin, Y., Lee, S., Ahn, M., Jun, S.C. and Lee, H. pp 93-97

22. Comparison of fMRI Activation and EEG Source Localization using Beamformers during Motor Response in the Stroop Task: Preliminary Results. Strobbe, G., Santens, S., van Mierlo, P., Hallez, H., van Opstal, F., Rosseel, Y., Verguts, T. and Vandenberghe, S. pp 98-102

23. MEG/EEG Source Reconstruction Based on Gabor Thresholding in the Source Space. Strohmeier, D., Gramfort, A., Haueisen, J., Hämäläinenn, M. and Kowalski, M. pp 103-108

24. Investigating the Measurement Capability of Densely-Distributed Subdermal EEG Electrodes. Subramaniyam, N.P., Wendel, K., Joutsen, A. and Hyttinen, J. pp 109-113

25. Epileptic Brain Network from Scalp EEG: Identifying the Epileptic Driver by Connectivity Analysis on Brain Waveforms. van Mierlo, P., Montes, V., Hallez, H. and Staelens, S. pp 114-118

26. Safety Factor in Cardiac Propagation. Vigmond, E. and Boyle, P. pp 119-120

27. Identifying Myocardial Ischemia by Inversely Computing Transmembrane Potentials from Body-Surface Potential Maps. Wang, D., Kirby, R.M., MacLeod, R.S. and Johnson, C.R. pp 121-125

28. Recording Cortical EEG Subcortically – Improved EEG Monitoring from Depth-Stimulation Electrodes Wendel, K., Suominen, K., Kauppinen, P., Sonkajarvi, E., Tanskanen, J.M.A., Kamata, K., Vaisanen, O., Hyttinen, J., and Jantti, V. pp 126-130

29. Functional Brain Imaging using MREIT and EIT: Requirements and Feasibility. Woo, E.J. pp 131-134

30. Listen to the Song of the Brain in Real Time: The Chengdu Brainwave Music. Wu, D., Shi, X., Hu, J., Lei, X., Liu, T. and Yao, D. pp 135-138

31. Estimation of Activation Sequence from Time Course of Equivalent Current Density in Pathological Hearts - A Simulation Study. Zhou, Z., Liu, C., Han, C. and He, B. pp 139-141