Conference Program Report

The Joint Meeting of the 5th International Conference on Bioelectromagnetism and
the 5th International Symposium on Noninvasive Functional Source Imaging within the Human Brain and Heart

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Thursday, 12-05-2005 14:00 - 14:10
11.2.0 Openning Session (Great Hall, Slide)
11.2.0-1 Welcome Remarks, He, Bin ; University of Minnesota (138)

Thursday, 12-05-2005 14:10 - 15:30
11.1.1 Plenary Session: EEG/MEG Source Imaging (Great Hall, Slide)
Session Chairs: Bin He
11.1.1-1 MEG and EEG Source Modeling With Accurate Anatomical Constraints, Hämäläinen, Matti ; Mass. General Hospital (135)
11.1.1-2 Standardized Multi-resolution Brain Electromagnetic Tomography (sMURETA): Methodological Aspects, Pascual-Marqui, Roberto D; University Hospital of Psychiatry (137)

Thursday, 12-05-2005 15:50 - 17:30
11.1.2 Plenary Session: Brain Source Localization (Great Hall, Slide)
Session Chairs: Matti Hämäläinen
11.1.2-1 Validation and Statistical Testing of MEG and EEG Inverse Solutions, Leahy, Richard M ; University of Southern California (121)
11.1.2-2 Source Localization: Controversies Regarding on the Nature of the Source, Hecox, K., Fontanarosa, J., Lee, H. and Hunter, J.; University of chicago (131)
11.1.2-3 Influence of High-Rank Background Interference on Adaptive Beamformer Source Reconstruction, Sekihara, Kensuke; Hild, Kenneth; Nagarajan, Srikantan S.; Tokyo Metropolitan University (30)

Friday, 13-05-2005 8:30 - 10:10
11.1.3 Plenary Session: MR Technology and Multimodal Imaging (Great Hall, Slide)
Session Chairs: Bin He, Eung Je Woo
11.1.3-1 Ultrahigh Magnetic Fields for MR imaging and spectroscopy: an increasingly sensitive probe for brain function and chemistry, Ugurbil, Kamil ; Univ. of Minnesota (133)
11.1.3-2 Improved Estimation of Human Cortical Activity and Connectivity with the Multimodal Integration of Neuroelectric and Hemodynamic Data Related to Motor and Cognitive Tasks, Babiloni, Fabio; Mattia, Donatella; Basilisco, Alessandra; Astolfi, Laura; Cincotti, Febo, Ding, Lei; Christine, K; Sweeney, J; Edgar, J.C.; Miller, G.A.; He, Bin; Univ. of Rome (103)
11.1.3-3 Conductivity and Current Density Imaging of Animal Subject using MREIT Technique, Woo, Eung Je; Lee, Soo Yeol; Kim, Tae-Seong; Oh, Suk Hoon; Lee, Byung Il; Park, Chunjae; Seo, Jin Keun; Lee, Suk-ho; Kwon, Ohin; Kyung Hee University (10)

Friday, 13-05-2005 10:30 - 12:20
11.1.4 Plenary Session: Brain and Neural Engineering (Great Hall, Slide)
Session Chairs: José Carlos Príncipe, Daniel Graupe
11.1.4-1 Brain mechanisms of praxis: A multidisciplinary study, Georgopoulos, Apostolos P ; Univ. of Minnesota (134)
11.1.4-2 Signal Processing Challenges in the Development of Brain Machine Interfaces, Príncipe, José Carlos ; Univ. of Florida (132)
11.1.4-3 The Status of Noninvasive Functional Electrical Stimulation and Ambulation Performance for Thoracic-Level Complete Paraplegics, Graupe, Daniel ; University of Illinois, Chicago (16)

Friday, 13-05-2005 13:20 - 15:00
1.1.1 Brain Inverse Imaging (Presidents Room, Slide)
Session Chairs: Kensuke Sekihara, Roberto Pascual-Marqui
1.1.1-1 Local Linear Estimators and a Statistical Framework for Event Related Field Analysis, Greenblatt, Richard E.; Ossadtchi, A.; Pflieger, M. E.; Rojas, D. C.; Source Signal Imaging, Inc. (93)
1.1.1-2 Detection of cortical patch activity in beamspace using the generalized likelihood ratio test, Limpiti, Tulaya; Bolstad Andrew K; Van Veen, Barry D; Wakai, Ron T; University of Wisconsin-Madison (57)
1.1.1-3 Local Basis Expansions for MEG Source Localization., Mitra, Partha P; Maniar, H.; Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (89)
1.1.1-4 A Graphical Model for Estimating Stimulus-Evoked Brain Responses in Noisy MEG data with Large Background Brain Activity, Nagarajan, Srikantan S ; Attias, Hagai T; Sekihara, Kensuke; Hill, Kenneth E Jr.; University of California, San Francisco (37)
1.1.1-5 Imaging Brain Electric Sources by Means of a New Subspace Source Localization Approach – 3D-FINE, Ding, Lei ; He, Bin; University of Minnesota (122)

8.1.2 Neurophysiology (Room 324, Slide)
Session Chairs: Wim Van Drongelen, Kurt Hecox
8.1.2-1 Epileptiform Activity Patterns in Coupled Neuronal Networks, Lee, Hyong C; Hereld, Mark; Stevens, Rick; van Drongelen, Wim; University of Chicago Hospitals (40)
8.1.2-2 Large Neural Simulations on Large Parallel Computers, Hereld, Mark; Stevens, Rick L.; Teller, Justin; van Drongelen, Wim; Lee, Hyong E.; Argonne National Laboratory (90)
8.1.2-3 A rule-based firing model for neural networks, Lytton, William W; Stewart, Mark; SUNY Downstate (18)
8.1.2-4 Measuring and modeling the spatiotemporal profile of neurotransmitter, Jones, Mathew V ; UW-Madison; Dept. of Physiology (39)
8.1.2-5 A BOLD-fMRI study of the response in primary and secondary somatosensory cortices elicited by electric median nerve stimulation at different frequencies, Ferretti, Antonio; Arienzo, Donatello; Del Gratta, Cosimo; Caulo, Massimo; Babiloni, Claudio; Tartaro, Armando; Rossini, Paolo Maria; Romani, Gian Luca ; Institute for Advanced Biomedical Technologies (59)

Friday, 13-05-2005 15:00 - 16:20
1.1.3 Brain Mapping and Source Imaging (Mississippi Room, Poster)
1.1.3-1 Separation of Phase-Locked and Non-Phase-Locked Activities Using Empirical Null-Distributions Obtained from Randomized Plus/Minus Averagings of Event-Related Epochs, Sekihara, Kensuke; Nagarajan, Srikantan, S.; Tokyo Metropolitan University (29)
1.1.3-2 Indications of Sex Differences in Cortical Activation in Adult Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Nagel, Sandra M.; Bowyer, Susan M.; Moran John E.; Tepley, Norm; Saginaw Valley State University & Henry Ford Hosp. (53)
1.1.3-3 Causality estimates among brain cortical areas by Partial Directed Coherence: simulations and application to real data, Astolfi, Laura; Cincotti, Febo; Mattia, Donatella; Lai, Massimilano; de Vico Fallani, Fabrizio; Salinari, Serenella; Baccalà, Luiz A.; Ursino, Mauro; Zavaglia, Melissa; Babiloni, Fabio; University of Rome (45)
1.1.3-4 A Versatile Approach to Detect Coherent Brain Areas with MEG, Belardinelli, Paolo; Ciancetta, Luca; Del Gratta, Cosimo; Pizzella, Vittorio; Romani, Gian Luca ; University of Chieti (65)
1.1.3-5 On the Detection of the Number of Independent Sources from Scalp EEGs, X. Bai, Bin He ; University of Minnesota (125)
1.1.3-6 Fast localization of current dipoles in MEG using a combined sphere and brain-shape model, Hongyi Zhu, Gunnar Lindenblatt and Sailing He; zhejiang university (60)
1.1.3-7 Multivariate Autoregressive Modeling Combined with Simulated Annealing Optimization for Classifying Sources of Event Related Potentials, Vasios, Christos E.; Matsopoulos, George K.; Ventouras, Errikos M.; Papageorgiou, Charalabos C.; Kontaxakis, Vassilis P.; Nikita, Konstantina S.; Uzunoglu, Nikolaos K.;; National Technical University of Athens (98)
1.1.3-8 Line-source Modeling and Estimation with Electroencephalography, Cao, Nannan; Yetik, Imam S.; Nehorai, Arye; Muravchik, Carlos H.; Haueisen, Jens; University of Illinois at Chicago (35)
1.1.3-9 Camera-Guided Coordinate System Alignment for Neuromagnetic Source Estimation, Yung-Cheng Cheng, Yong-Sheng Chen, Jen-Chuen Hsieh, and Li-Fen Chen; Lab of Intergrated Brain Research (75)
1.1.3-10 Quantizing the Depth of Bioelectrical Sources for Non-Invasive 3D Imaging, Besio, Walter; Fasiuddin, Mohammed ; Louisiana Tech University (88)
1.1.3-11 Auditory Evoked Magnetic Fields to Stimuli Causing Backward Masking, Abe, Masaya; Kawakatsu, Masaki; Tanaka, Keita; Kotani Makoto; Tokyo Denki University (33)
1.1.3-12 An Improved fMRI-EEG Integration Algorithm for Cortical Current Density Estimation by Applying Twomey Regularization, Zhongming Liu, Fedja Kecman, Bin He; University of Minnesota (119)
1.1.3-13 Somatotopy of the Anterior Cingulate Cortex and Supplementary Motor Area for electric stimulation of the median and tibial nerves: an fMRI study, Ferretti, Antonio; Del Gratta, Cosimo; Arienzo, Donatello; Babiloni, Claudio; Caulo, Massimo; Tartaro, Armando; Rossini, Paolo Maria; Romani, Gian Luca ; Institute for Advanced Biomedical Technologies (61)
1.1.3-14 Statistical Mapping of Cortical Activities using Minimum-Variance Maximum-Discrimination Spatial Filtering, Hung-Yi Liu, Yong-Sheng Chen, Li-Fen Chen, and Jen-Chuen Hsieh; Lab of Intergrated Brain Research (68)
1.1.3-15 Influence of anisotropic conductivity of the white matter tissue on EEG source reconstruction – a FEM simulation study, Güllmar, D.;Reichenbach, J.R.; Anwander, A.; Knösche T.; Wolters, C.H.; Eiselt, M.Haueisen J.; Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena (66)
1.1.3-16 Noninvasive Localization of Epileptiform Interictal Spikes by means of Cortical Imaging using Realistic Geometry Boundary Element Head Models, Lai, Yuan; van Drongelen, Wim; Zhang, Xin; Frim, David M; Hecox, Kurt E; He, Bin; University of Minnesota (115)

4.1.3 Methods in Forward/Inverse Problems (Mississippi Room, Poster)
4.1.3-1 Imaging Methods for MEG/EEG Inverse Problem, Adde, Geoffray ; ENPC (97)
4.1.3-2 Noninvasive Localization of Gastric Electrical Activity, Cheng, Leo; Buist,Martin; Richards,William; Bradshaw,Alan; Pullan,Andrew; University of Auckland (28)
4.1.3-3 An iterative approach for determining the optimal orientations and transient behaviors of the dipoles using MEG data, Zhu, Hongyi ; zhejiang university (70)
4.1.3-4 Use of Isolated Problem Approach for the multi-compartment BEM models of Electric Source Imaging, Gençer, Nevzat G. , Akalýn-Acar, Zeynep; Middle East Technical University (22)
4.1.3-5 The Effect of White Matter Anisotropy on the EEG Forward Problem, Kuzbik, Natasha L; Koles, Zoltan J.; University of Alberta (71)
4.1.3-6 Experimentally observed influence of anisotropic compartments in a volume conductor on magnetic field distribution generated by artificial current dipoles, Liehr, Mario; Haueisen, Jens; University Jena (67)
4.1.3-7 Detection of Human Conductivity Distribution using One Component of Magnetic Flux Density, Nuo Gao, Shanan Zhu, Bin He; University of Minnesota (128)
4.1.3-8 Dipole Localization Errors due to not Incorporating Compartments with Anisotropic Conductivities: Simulation Study in a Spherical Head Model, Hallez, Hans; Van Hese, Peter; Vanrumste, Bart; Boon, Paul; D'Asseler, Yves; Lemahieu, Ignace; Van de Walle, Rik; Ghent University (20)
4.1.3-9 Minimum Leadfield-Variance Beamformer with Voxel-Wise Orthonormal Leadfield, Matani, Ayumu. Terazono, Yasushi. Hayakawa, Tomoe. Munetsuna, Shinji. Fujimaki, Norio.; the University of Tokyo (78)
4.1.3-10 The Concentration Problem for Vector Fields., Maniar, Hiren D.; Mitra, P. P.; Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (87)
4.1.3-11 Calculation of stereotaxically registered brain conductivities and anisotropies using diffusion tensor MR Imaging, Sotiropoulos, Stamatios N.; Mueller, Bryon; Lim, Kelvin O.; Steinmetz, Peter N. ; University of Minnesota (74)

Friday, 13-05-2005 16:20 - 18:00
4.1.1 EEG/MEG Forward Problem (Room 325, Slide)
Session Chairs: Zoltan Koles, Richard Leahy
4.1.1-1 Numerical Models for the Solution of the EEG/MEG Forward Problem, Koles, Zoltan J ; University of Alberta (109)
4.1.1-2 Effect of Model Complexities and Tissue Anisotropies on EEG and MEG Simulations, Ramon, Ceon ; University of Washington (56)
4.1.1-3 Sensitivity of EEG and MEG measurements to tissue conductivities, Gençer, Nevzat G. , Acar Can E.; Middle East Technical University (107)
4.1.1-4 The Application of Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Develop Anatomically Correct Brain Models, White, Tonya ; Magnotta, Vincent A.; University of Minnesota (34)
4.1.1-5 EEG Simulation Accuracy: Reference Choice and Head Models Extension, Vatta, Federica M.; Bruno Paolo; Mininel Stefano; Inchingolo Paolo; University of Trieste (73)

8.1.1 Cardiac Electrophysiology (Room 324, Slide)
Session Chairs: Ramakrishna Mukkamala, Daming Wei
8.1.1-1 Virtual EP Lab: a Cyber Environment for Electrophysiological study, Wei, Daming ; University of Aizu (130)
8.1.1-2 Model-based filtering, compression and classification of the ECG, Clifford, Gari D.; Shoeb, Ali; McSharry, Patrick E.; Janz, Brian A.; MIT (102)
8.1.1-3 Determination of Intra-Atrial Fibrillatory Cycle Length From the Electrocardiogram Using Auto-Correlation Analysis, Narayan, Sanjiv M.; Kahn, Andrew M.; Brown, Jason P.;Krummen, David E.;Bhargava, Valmik; Feld, Gregory K.; University of California, San Diego (99)
8.1.1-4 Extraction of Fetal ECG from Maternal ECG Early in Pregnancy, Graupe, Daniel; Zhong, Yunde; Graupe Menachem H. ; University of Illinois, Chicago (15)
8.1.1-5 QT/RR hysteresis in ECG recordings, Pueyo, Esther; Malik, Marek; Laguna, Pablo ; Universidad de Zaragoza (106)

Saturday, 14-05-2005 8:30 - 10:10
11.1.5 Plenary Session: Electrocardiographic Imaging (Great Hall, Slide)
Session Chairs: Fred Greensite, Bin He
11.1.5-1 Noninvasive Imaging of Cardiac Electrophysiology (NICE) – cardiac surface formulations, Greensite, Fred ; Univ. of California, Irvine (136)
11.1.5-2 The potential and the limitations in activation time imaging from surface ECG recordings, Tilg, Bernhard ; UMIT - Private Universität für Gesundheitswissensc (120)
11.1.5-3 Electrocardiographic Imaging: From 2-dimension towards 3-dimension, He, Bin ; University of Minnesota (126)

Saturday, 14-05-2005 10:30 - 12:00
11.1.6 Plenary Session: Quantitative Electrocardiography (Great Hall, Slide)
Session Chairs: Bernhard Tilg, Bin He
11.1.6-1 Quantitative Electrocardiography: Two Steps Forward and One Step Back, MacLeod, Rob S. and Brooks, Dana H.; University of Utah (110)
11.1.6-2 Cardiac Signal Processing for Therapy and Monitoring in Implantable Medical Devices, Olson, Walter ; Medtronic, Inc (127)
11.1.6-3 Non-contact Mapping and Concomitant Hemodynamic Assessment for the Study of Heart Diseases and Their Treatments, Iaizzo, Paul A ; University of Minnesota (112)

Saturday, 14-05-2005 13:20 - 15:00
1.1.2 Brain Mapping (Room 324, Slide)
Session Chairs: Fabio Babiloni, George Zouridakis
1.1.2-1 Phase Aspects and Localization Analysis of the Auditory N100 Component, Zouridakis, George; Iyer, Darshan; University of Houston (108)
1.1.2-2 Maximum Entropy Estimation of Neuroelectric Source Covariance Statistics, Pflieger, Mark E ; Source Signal Imaging (94)
1.1.2-3 Evaluating the Entrainment of the Alpha Rhythm during Photic Stimulation in Control Subjects and Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease, Kohdabashi, A., Sekine, M. , Higashi,Y., Fujimoto, T.,Tamura, T. ; Chiba University (44)
1.1.2-4 Cortical Dipole Imaging of Movement-related Potentials in Humans by Means of Parametric Inverse Filter, Hori, Junichi; Miwa, Toshinari; He, Bin; Niigata University (23)
1.1.2-5 Do stimuli or tasks determine lateralized auditory cortex responses? An MEG study, Sieluzycki, Cezary; König, Reinhard; Simserides, Constantinos; Scheich, Henning; Leibnitz Institute for Neurobiology (77)

4.1.2 Software for Bioelectric Mapping/Modeling (Presidents Room, Slide)
Session Chairs: Rob Macleod, John Mosher
4.1.2-1 BrainStorm Electromagnetic Imaging Software, Mosher, John C.; Baillet, Sylvain; Darvas, Felix; Pantazis, Dimitrios; Kucukaltun-Yildirim, Esen; Leahy, Richard M.; Los Alamos National Laboratory (116)
4.1.2-2 The inverse problem of electrocardiography: industrial solutions and simulations, Voth, Eric J ; Endocardial Solutions (76)
4.1.2-3 Software challenges in the new field of integrated cardiac models, Stinstra, Jeroen G; Weinstein, Dave M; Hopenfeld, Bruce; John Pormann; Henriquez Craig S; MacLeod, Rob S; University of Utah (85)
4.1.2-4 Generic and Specific Software Tools for Bioelectric Source Modeling, Oostendorp, thom F ; Radboud University Nijmegen (21)
4.1.2-5 Influence of Local and Remote White Matter Conductivity Anisotropy for a Thalamic Source on EEG/MEG Field and Return Current Computation, Wolters, Carsten H.; Anwander, Alfred; Tricoche, Xavier; Lew, Seok; Johnson, Chris R.; University of Muenster (38)

Saturday, 14-05-2005 15:00 - 16:20
3.1.2 Cardiac Mapping (Mississippi Room, Poster)
3.1.2-1 Non-Invasive Electrical Imaging of Heart: 3D Ultrasound based Heart Surface Reconstruction for Patient Specific Approach, Suresh Kumar, Krishnamurthy N ; Ramasubba, Reddy M; Indian Institute of Technology Madras (92)
3.1.2-2 Wavefront-based inverse electrocardiography using an evolving curve state vector and phenomenological propagation and potential models, Ghodrati, Alireza; Brooks, Dana H; Tadmor, Gilead; Punske, Bonnie; MacLeod, Rob; Northeastern University (82)
3.1.2-3 Forward Problem of Intracavitary Potentials Based on an Anisotropic Whole Heart Model, Zhu, Xin; Wei, Daming; Wang, Hui; the University of Aizu (43)
3.1.2-4 Simulated Comparison of Disc and Concentric Electrode Maps During Atrial Arrhythmias., Soundararajan, VenkateshBabu ; Louisiana Tech University (80)
3.1.2-5 Effects of cardiac anisotropy on three-dimensional ECG localization inverse solutions: a model study, Liu, Chenguang ; He, Bin ; University of Minnesota (124)
3.1.2-6 Clinical Parameter Assessment in Magnetocardiography by Using the Support Vector Machine, Kim, Kiwoong; Kwon, Hyukchan; Lee, Yong-Ho; Kim, Tae-Eun; Kim, Jin-Mok; Park, Yong-Ki; Moon, Jae-Youn; Ko, Young-Guk; Chung, Namsik; Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (83)
3.1.2-7 Selection of the Number and Location of Leads for Catheter Based Epicardial Mapping, Yilmaz, Bulent; MacLeod, Robert S. ; Baskent University (32)

5.1.3 Bioelectromagnetism 2 (Mississippi Room, Poster)
5.1.3-1 Feature Extraction of Hyperspectral Data for under Spilled Blood Visualization Using Particle Swarm Optimization, Monteiro, Sildomar T.; Uto, Kuniaki; Kosugi, Yukio; Kobayashi, Nobuyuki; Watanabe, Eiju; Kameyama, Keisuke; Tokyo Institute of Technology (46)
5.1.3-2 Optimizing bipolar electrode location for wireless ECG measurement – analysis of ECG signal strength and deviation between individuals, Puurtinen, Merja; Hyttinen, Jari; Malmivuo, Jaakko; RGI / TUT (48)
5.1.3-3 Focus of the Implantable Device’s Measurement Sensitivity –Application of Half-Sensitivity Volume Concept, Väisänen, Juho ; Hyttinen, Jari; Malmivuo, Jaakko; Tampere University of Technology (47)
5.1.3-4 A Virtual System for Simultaneous Multi-frequency Measurement of Electrical Bioimpedance, Gordon, Rauno; Land, Raul; Min, Mart; Parve, Toomas; Salo, Rodney W ; Tallinn University of Technology (63)
5.1.3-5 Fetal cardiac time intervals: validation of an automatic tool for beat-to-beat detection on fetal magnetocardiograms, Mantini, Dante ; Comani, Silvia ; Alleva, Giovanna ; Romani, Gian Luca; Marche Polytechnic University (50)
5.1.3-6 Independent component analysis and fetal magnetocardiography: a tool for the automatic classification of indepedent components, Mantini, Dante ; Comani, Silvia ; Alleva, Giovanna ; Romani, Gian Luca; Marche Polytechnic University (51)

8.1.3 Electrophysiology (Mississippi Room, Poster)
8.1.3-1 Monitoring Inter-Atrial Block with Pacemaker Electrodes, Belalcazar, Andres; Patterson, Robert P.; University of Minnesota (84)
8.1.3-2 Design of Multi-channel Brain Magnetic Stimulator and ANSYS Simulation, Xuemin, Wang; Yun, Chen; Mingxia,Guo; Mingshi, Wang; Tianjin University (26)
8.1.3-3 Spiral Waves in the Mathematical Models of Simulated Ischemia, Hong Zhang; Zhen-xi Zhang; Lin Yang; Yin-bin Jin ;Yi-zhuo Huang ; School of Life Science and Technology (7)
8.1.3-4 EEG based automated detection of anesthetic levels using a recurrent artificial neural network, V.Srinivasan, C.Eswaran, and N.Sriraam; Multimedia University (27)
8.1.3-5 Design and Development of a Novel EOG Biopotential Amplifier, Roy Choudhury, Shubhodeep; Soundararajan, Venkataramanan; B. Nemade, Harshal; Singh Sahambi, Jyotindar ; Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati (11)
8.1.3-6 EEG and MEG responses following stimulation of unmyelinated C fibers, Qiu, Yunhai ; National Institute for Physiological Sciences (31)

10.1.1 New Approaches in Bioelectromagnetism (Mississippi Room, Poster)
10.1.1-1 Study of MRI/MEA compatibility at 17.6 Tesla, Sadleir, Rosalind J.; Grant, S.C.;DeMarse, T.B.; Woo, E.J.; Lee, S.Y.; Kim, T.S.; Oh, S.H.; Lee, B.I.;Seo,J.K.; University of Florida (14)
10.1.1-2 Magnetoacoustic Tomography with Magnetic Stimulation (MAT-MS), Xu, Yuan; He, Bin ; University of Minnesota (123)
10.1.1-3 Calculation of B1 fields in MRI Coils by the Method of Moments, C. C. Olson, J. T. Vaughan, A. Gopinath; University of Minnesota (42)
10.1.1-4 Using Conditional Mutual Information to Approximate Causality for Multivariate Physiological Time Series, Pflieger, Mark E.; Greenblatt, Richard E.; Source Signal Imaging (95)
10.1.1-5 An improvement of a time-frequency approach for an EEG-based brain-computer interface, Yamawaki, Nobuyuki ; Wilke, Christopher; Liu, Zhongming; He, Bin; University of Minnesota (114)
10.1.1-6 An EEG Inverse Solution based Brain-Computer Interface, Kamousi, Baharan; Liu Zhongming; He Bin; University of Minnesota (117)

Saturday, 14-05-2005 16:20 - 18:00
5.1.1 Cardiac Modeling (Presidents Room, Slide)
Session Chairs: Gerald Fischer, Edward Vigmond
5.1.1-1 A Computationally Efficient Activation Model for Noninvasive Imaging of Cardiac Depolarization, Fischer, Gerald ; UMIT / Institute for Biomedical Signal Processing (96)
5.1.1-2 An Externally Stimulated Purkinje System Model with Enforced Current Continuity, Vigmond, Edward J; Clements, Clyde; University of Calgary (62)
5.1.1-3 What of Cleavage Planes? The State-of-the-Art in Microstructure Modeling of Cardiac Activation., Trew, Mark;Smaill, Bruce;Pullan, Andrew; University of Auckland (36)
5.1.1-4 An efficient method for simulating propagation sequences in a realistic heart geometry, Hopenfeld, Bruce ; National Institutes of Health (58)
5.1.1-5 Personalized Model of Cardiac Electrophysiology of a Patient, D. S. Farina, O. Skipa, C. Kaltwasser, O. Doessel, W. R. Bauer; University of Karlsruhe (TH) (64)

5.1.2 Bio-impedance and Bioelectric Forward/Inverse Solutions (Room 324, Slide)
Session Chairs: Jaakko Malmivuo, Thom Oostendorp
5.1.2-1 In vivo conductivity estimation with symmetric boundary elements, Clerc, Maureen; Adde, Geoffray; Kybic, Jan; Papadopoulo, Theo; Badier, Jean-Michel; INRIA / ENPC (17)
5.1.2-2 Estimation of in vivo Human Brain-to-Skull Conductivity Ratio by means of Cortical Potential Imaging, Lai, Yuan; van Drongelen, Wim; Ding, Lei; Hecox, Kurt E.; Towle, Vernon L.; Frim David M; He, Bin; University of Minnesota (113)
5.1.2-3 An In-Principle Method for Measuring Cardiac Tissue Fibre Rotation, Johnston, Barbara M and Johnston, Peter R ; Griffith University (105)
5.1.2-4 Effect of skull resistivity and measurement noise on the spatial resolution of EEG, Ryynänen, Outi; Hyttinen, Jari; Malmivuo, Jaakko; Tampere University of Technology (55)
5.1.2-5 2D Stochastic Finite Element Study of the Influence of Organ Conductivity in ECG Forward Modeling, Geneser, Sarah E.; Choe, Seungkeol; Kirby, Robert M.; MacLeod, Robert S. ; University of Utah (111)

Sunday, 15-05-2005 8:15 - 08:30
11.2.3 Young Investigator Awards Announcement (Great Hall, Slide)
Session Chairs: Emad Ebbini
11.2.3-1 On the Selection of Young Investigator Awards, Ebbini, Emad S; Dept. of Electrical/Computer Engineering (143)

Sunday, 15-05-2005 8:30 - 10:00
11.1.7 Plenary Session: Functional Biomedical Imaging (Great Hall, Slide)
Session Chairs: Wei Chen, Emad Ebbini
11.1.7-1 Magnetic Resonance Study of Brain Function and Bioenergetics at High Fields, Chen, Wei ; University of Minnesota (104)
11.1.7-2 Detection and localization of microbubble activity in the microvasculature: Towards functional ultrasonic imaging, Ebbini, Emad S ; Dept. of Electrical/Computer Engineering (141)
11.1.7-3 Using high resolution finite difference models to determine the physiological source of bio-impedance changes, R.P. Patterson, A. Belalcazar, and F. Yang; University of Minnesota (142)

Sunday, 15-05-2005 10:20 - 12:00
3.1.1 Bioelectromagnetism 1 (Presidents Room, Slide)
Session Chairs: Jaakko Malmivuo, Andrew Pullan
3.1.1-1 An Animal Study on Noninvasive Localization of the Site of Origin of Cardiac Actiavtion from BSPM, Zhang, X; Liu, CG; Muneer, B; Ramachandra, I; Liu, ZM; Pogwizd, SM; He, B ; University of Minnesota (118)
3.1.1-2 Electrophysiologic Assessment of Right Ventricular Cardiac Pacing Sites Employing Non-Contact Electrical Mapping, Skadsberg, Nick D.; Coles Jr., James A.; Iaizzo, Paul A.; Medtronic (41)
3.1.1-3 Fetal Magnetocardiographic Source Separation : Independent Component Analysis Techniques and Signal-Space Projection, Campbell, Joshua Q.; Eswaran, Hari ;Wilson, James D. ;Murphy, Pamela ;Lowery, Curtis L. ;Preissl, Hubert; University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (69)
3.1.1-4 The tissue-internal current density threshold of the skin receptors on electrocutaneous sensations caused by 50 Hz leakage currents, Lindenblatt, Gunnar; Zhu, Hongyi; Silny, Jiri; Centre for Optical and Electromagnetic Research (25)
3.1.1-5 Development of a Multiple Vital Signs Monitoring System for m-Healthcare, Chen, Wenxi; Wei, Daming; Cohen, Michael; Ding, Shuxue; Tokinoya, Shigeru; Takeda, Naotoshi; The University of Aizu (129)

9.1.1 Impedance Imaging (Room 324, Slide)
Session Chairs: Robert Patterson, Dana Brooks
9.1.1-1 Magnetic Resonance Electrical Impedance Tomography (MREIT) at 11 Tesla field strength: Preliminary Experimental Study, Sadleir, Rosalind J.; Grant, S.C.; Silver, X.;Zhang,S.U.;Woo,E.J.;Lee,S.Y.;Kim,T.S.;Oh,S.H.;Lee,B.I.;Seo,J.K.; University of Florida (9)
9.1.1-2 Sensitivity Distribution Simulations of Impedance Tomography Electrode Combinations, Kauppinen, Pasi K ; Hyttinen, Jari A. K.; Malmivuo, J. A. V.; Tampere University of Technology (54)
9.1.1-3 Experimental Validation of Forward and Inverse Solutions for Electrical Impedance Tomography Using the Boundary Element Method, Babaeizadeh, Saeed; Brooks, Dana H.; Isaacson, David; Newell, Jonathan C.; Northeastern University (72)
9.1.1-4 A Matlab Toolbox for Magnetic Resonance Electrical Impedance Tomography (MREIT): MREIT Toolbox, Kim, Tae-Seong; Lee, Byung Il; Park, Chun Jae; Lee, Suk Ho; Tak, Sung Ho; Seo, Jin Keun; Kwon, Ohin; Woo, Eung Je; Kyung Hee University (12)
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