Conference papers and presentations

Conference Publications

Conference proceedings will be available at the conference. In addition, free reprints are available for the authors. After the conference the Proceedings will be also available on WWW. Selected papers of the 10th NBC and 1st ICBEM will be published in the Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing. A special issue of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine will be published on the basis of selected papers from the 1st International Conference on Bioelectromagnetism.

Submission of Papers

Papers for the conference should be made according to the guidelines explained on this page. Papers should be submitted in paper format and most preferably also in electronic form.

Format of paper:

  • A4, max 2 pages
  • write according to the instructions
  • Available in WP52, MSWord, and FrameMaker format.


  • camera ready high quality paper copy
  • two additional paper copies
  • only black and white illustrations
  • electronic format: ASCII, WP, MSWord, TEX or FrameMaker
  • on MAC or IBM PC disks.


    The deadline for papers is January 15, 1996. Notification of scientific acceptance will be sent to the authors by February 15, 1996. The deadline for registration is March 15, 1996. Please note that at least one author of the paper must register before the paper can be finally accepted.

    Late submission:

    Papers received later than January 15, 1996 may be considered for acceptance. These papers may be published in the conference proceedings or in a separate late paper proceedings.


    Oral presentations

    Oral presentations will be 10 min, with an additional 5 min for discussion. Two slide projectors and an overhead projector will be available in each lecturing hall. The use of additional equipment may be arranged by contacting the conference organizers (see registration form).

    Poster sessions

    Poster sessions are scheduled during the coffee breaks (coffee is served in poster/exhibition hall). Posters will be displayed for one full day. Posters should be 95 cm (width) x 120 cm (height). More info, email

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