1st International Conference on Bioelectromagnetism

In connection with the 10th Nordic-Baltic Conference on Biomedical Engineering June 9-13, 1996 the 1st International Conference on Bioelectromagnetism will be organized. This conference emphasizes the cooperation between researchers in bioelectric and biomagnetic phenomena. The electric and magnetic fields recorded from the body are generated by the same source: the electrochemical activation of biological tissue. Therefore it is important to discuss the biomagnetic phenomena in connection with the corresponding bioelectric phenomena. Understanding the behaviour of the source and the volume conductor with respect to the measurement system is the key element in analyzing and diagnosing the function of the tissue and its disorders. The sessions of the 10th NBC and 1st ICBEM will be arranged in parallel so that the participants of the conferences may conveniently select the sessions they wish to attend. The papers of both conferences will be published in the same conference proceedings. A special issue of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine will be published on the basis of selected papers from the 1st ICBEM. A pre-conference tutorial course on this topic will also be arranged. This conference marks the inauguration of the International Society for Bioelectromagnetism , which will organize a series of International Conferences on Bioelectro-magnetism. Future conferences will be organized worldwide by institutions active in Bioelectromagnetism research and education.

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