1st International Conference on Bioelectromagnetism

Scientific Program

Invited and Submitted Papers


    Track 2.1: Electrocardiology
    Track 2.2: Electromagnetic Interactions
    Track 2.3: Bioimpedance
    Track 2.4: Neurophysiology
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The oral presentations are 15 min including discussion unless otherwise stated.

Track 2.1: Electrocardiology

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Monday 10.6.96


2.1.1 Imaging Cardiac Electric Activity
Organized by Bin He

He, Bin (USA):
Laplacian Electrocardiography
(Invited, 30 min)

Wei, Daming; Harasawa, Eishi (Japan):
A Comparison Study Between Body Surface Potential and Laplacian in
Localizing Accessory Pathways with Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome

Okamoto, Yoshiwo; Mashima, Saburo (Japan):
On the Ideal Reference Potential for Unipolar Electrocardiography and
Its Practical Realization Using Body Surface Potential Distribution

Wach, Paul; Tilg, Bernhard; Lafer, Gerhard; Nenonen, Jukka; Katila, Toivo (Austria):
Modeling of the Cardiac Forward and Inverse Problem - Magnetic Source
Imaging From Magnetocardiographic Data

Weixue, Lu; Ling, Xia; Daming, Wei (PR China):
A new Approach to the Inverse Problem of Electrocardiography


Geselowitz, David B. (USA):
On the Use of the Surface Laplacian to Analyze Electrocardiograms
Recorded on the Body Surface and on the Heart Surface
(Invited, 30 min)

Johnston, Peter R.;Kilpatrick, David (Australia):
An Eccentric Spheres Model to Study the Inverse Problem of
Elecrocardiography from Surface Laplacian Measurements

Ling, Xia; Weixue, Lu; Yunsuo, Duan (PR China):
Microcomputer-Based Cardiac Arrhythmia Simulation Model

2.1.2 Myocardial Ischemia Diagnosis

Lehtinen, Rami; Sievänen, Harri; Malmivuo, Jaakko (Finland):
Effect of the ST-Segment Measurement Point Selection on the
Diagnostic Exercise ECG Parameters

Viik, Jari; Lehtinen, Rami; Hyttinen, Jari; Malmivuo, Jaakko (Finland):
Synthetized ECG Leads in Ishemia Detection

Korsakas, Stasys; Vainoras, Alfonsas; Ruseckas, Rimtautas; Miskinis, Vytenis (Lithuania):
Standardization of Exercise Tests in Computerized ECG Analysis System


Gelmanas, Girsas; Jurkonis, Vidmantas; Gargasas, Liudas (Lithuania):
Is it Possible to Diagnose Myocardial Ishemia from QRS Complex of 12 Lead ECG?

Tuesday 11.6.96


2.1.3 Magnetocardiography

Trahms, L.; Curio, G.; Drung, D.; Müller, W.; Steihhoff, U.; Koch,
H.; Shen, Y.Q.; Vase, P.; Freltoft, T. (Germany):
Cardiomagnetic and Neuromagnetic Applications of Nitrogen Cooled SQUIDs

Brauer, Hartmut; Tenner, Uwe; Arlt, Anne; Wiechmann, Heiko (Germany):
Validation of Biomagnetic Source Localization Techniques Using
Physical Thorax Phantoms

Katscher, Ulrich; Dössel, Olaf; Fuchs, Manfred; Wischmann, Hans-Aloys;
Wagner, Michael; Drenckhahn, Ralf; Hoppe, Wolfgang (Germany):
The Generalized Point Spread Function as an Evaluation of "Myocardial
Current Imaging"

Lewandowski, Piotr; Burghoff, Martin; Maniewski, Roman; Oeff,
Michael; Trahms, Lutz (Germany):
Experimental Study of Respiration Influence on Analysis of
High-Resolution ECG and MCG

Endt, P.; Oeff, M.; Steinhoff, U.; Trahms, L. (Germany)
Data-Compression in Single-Channel Magnetocardiograms

Walker, S.R.; Astala, J.; Peurala, S.; Pärkkä, J.; Malmivuo, J. (Finland):
Design and Construction of an Actively Shielded MCG Laboratory


Kötitz, Róman; Schabach, Jörg; Warzemann, Lutz; Zakosarenko, Viatcheslav; 
Döhler, Tatjana; Weber, Peter; Trahms, Lutz; Weitschies, Werner (Poland):
Néel Relaxation of Dried Ferrofluid Measured with SQUID Gradiometer
in Unshielded Environment

Nowak, Hannes; Brabetz, Steffen; Giessler, Frank; Haueisen, Jens;
Huonker, Ralph; Leder, Uwe; Weidl, Roland; Dörrer, Lars; Seidel,
Paul; Müller, Siegfried (Germany):
Magnetocardiography with High and Low Tc SQUID-Gradiometer Devices

Eichhorn, Joachim; Leder, Uwe; Hemmann, Annegret; Haueisen, Jens;
Huck, Markus; Blum, Susanne; Pohl, Peter; Hoffmann, Maik; Kühnert,
Helmut; Nowak, Hannes; Müller, Siegfried (Germany):
Artefacts Caused by Patient Movement and Breathing in Functional MCG-Imaging

Wednesday 12.6.96


2.1.4 Cardiac Anisotropy
Organized by Daming Wei

Wei, Daming (Japan):
Effect of Cardiac Anisotropy on Body Surface Potentials Investigated
by Comparative Simulation of Isotropic and Anisotropic Heart Model
(Invited, 30 min)

Rogers, Jack M.; McCulloch, Andrew D. (USA):
The Effect of Muscle Fiber Curvature on Cardiac Propagation

Trayanova, Natalia (USA):
The Role of Cardiac Tissue Anisotropy in the Process of Defibrillation

Shibada, Nitaro; Mitsui, Kazuyuki; Kobayashi, Kenji; Kodama, Itsuo;
Hosoda, Saichi (Japan):
The Role of Anisotropic Distribution of Refractoriness in Forming
Arrhythmic Re-entry

Mashima, Saburo (Japan):
Myocardial Anisotropy and Electrogenesis


2.1.5 Modelling the Cardiac Electric Sources and Fields
Organized by Geertjan Huiskamp

Huiskamp, Geertjan (The Netherlands):
Extremal Point Constraints in the Inverse Problem of
Electrocardiology: Application to LVH Data
(Invited 30 min)

Macchi, Emilio; Manghi, Massimo; Di Cola, Giulio; Groppi, Maria (Italy):
Identification of Ventricular Fibre Architecture from Electrotonic 
Epicardial Potentials Elicited by Dipolar Stimulations:
Numerical and Experimental Models

Hyttinen, Jari; Kauppinen, Pasi; Heinonen, Tomi; Laarne, Päivi;
Eskola, Hannu; Malmivuo, Jaakko (Finland):
Application of the Human Visual Man Data to Calculate the Sensitivity
of ECG Leads to Detect Myocardial Sources

Di Cola, Giulio; Macchi, E; Sanfelici, Simona (Italy):
Numerical Simulation of Activation in a Bidomain Model of Cardiac Muscle

Takano, Noriyuki; Lawson, Michael; Hyttinen, Jari; Malmivuo, Jaakko (Finland):
Multipole Lead with the Standard ECG Electrodes


Di Cola, Giulio; Sanfelici, Simona (Italy):
Numerical Study of Activation in Anisotropic Myocardium
Using Hodgkin-Huxley-Type Models

Edlinger, Günter; Pfurtscheller, Gert; Wach, Paul (Austria):
On the Analytic Solution of the Potential Distribution in an n-Shell
Spherical Volume Conductor

Titomir, Leonid I.; Barinova, Natalia E. (Russia):
On Observability of Bioelectric Generator from Measured External Fields

Thursday 13.6.96


2.1.6 Epicardial and Body Surface Mapping

Beetner, D.G.; Ambos, H.D.; Cain, M.E.; Arthur, R.M. (USA):
Determination of Epicardial Potentials Using Aimed Leads

Titomir, Leonid I.; Blatov, Igor V.;Trunov, Vladimir C.; Aidu, Eduard
A.I.; Barinova, Natalia E. (Russia):
Telemetering Equipment and Optimal Lead System for 
Electrocardiographic Mapping

Li, Danshi; Yong, Ah Chot; Pluta, Wojciech; Kilpatrick, David (Australia):
Origin of Epicardial ST Depression in the Ischaemic Sheep Model

Czerwinska, A.; Doros, M.; Kolebska, K.; Poljakova, I.; Sypniewska, Z. (Poland):
Determination of Epicardial Isochrones for the Diagnosis of Dysrhythmia

Roshchevsky, M.P.; Shmakov, D.N.; Roshchevskaya, I.M. (Russia):
Formation of Cardioelectric Field on Ventricular Epicardium and Body
Surface in Animals with Different Myocardium Activation Patterns

Simelius, K.; Tierala, I.; Jokiniemi, T.; Nenonen, J.; Toivonen, L.;
Katila, T. (Finland):
A Body Surface Potential Mapping System in Clinical Use


Li, Danshi; Yong, Ah Chot; Pluta, Wojciech; Kilpatrick, David (Australia):
Epicardial and Endocardial Potential Mapping of ST Elevation in
Experimental Myocardial Infarction

Czerwinska, A.; Doros, M.; Kolebska, K.; Sypniewska, Z. (Poland):
Calculating the Maps of Epicardial Potentials for Homogeneous and
Non-homogenous Models of Torso Using the Computer Simulation Method

Fleischmann, Paul H.; Wach, Paul (Austria):
Bundle Branch Reentry in a 3D Cellular Automata Model of the Human Heart

Monday 10.6.96


2.1.7 ECG Signal Processing

Koski, Antti (Finland):
Analyzing ECG Signals with Continuous Probability Hidden Markow Models

Reinhardt, Lutz; Mäkijärvi, Markku; Fetsch, Thomas; Montonen, Juha;
Katila, Toivo; Breithardt, Günter (Germany):
Non-Invasive Risk Modeling after Myocardial Infarction

Vosschulte, Paul; Reinhardt, Lutz; Fetsch, Thomas (Germany):
Approach to the Human ECG with Periodic Orbits

Sunemark, Max; Edenbrandt, Lars; Holst, Holger; Sörnmo, Leif (Sweden):
New Techniques for Serial ECG/VCG Analysis

Piatkowska-Janko, Ewa; Piatkowski, Adam; Opolski, Grzegorz (Poland):
The Best Digital Filter for P-Wave Signal-Averaged ECG

Piatkowska-Janko, Ewa; Opolski, Grzegorz; Piatkowski, Adam (Poland):
How Many Parameters of P-Wave Signal-Averaged ECG are Optimal for
Discrimination of Patients with Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation


Piatkowska-Janko, Ewa; Piatkowski, Adam ; Opolski, Grzegorz; Scislo, Piotr (Poland):
Compound Method of Signal-Averaged ECG of P-Wave for Patients
Identification with Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation

Track 2.2: Electromagnetic Interactions

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Tuesday 11.6.96


2.2.1 Effect of Electromagnetic Fields in Tissue

Hinrikus, Hiie; Riipulk, Jevgeni (Estonia):
Modulated Microwave Effects on the Nervous System

Lin, Ruey S.; Lee, Wei-Chin; Li, Chung-Yi (Taiwan, ROC):
Risk of Childhood Leukemia in Households Near High Power Lines

D'Ambrogio, E.G. (Italy):
Growth and Stability Driven by Magnetic Field


Riipulk, Jevgeni; Hinrikus, Hiie; Beilenhoff, Klaus; Hartnagel, Hans (Estonia):
Simulation of Breast Tissues Temperature Measurement Using Dicke
Radiometer by FDTD Method

Keitel, Jürgen (Germany):
Can the Autokinetic Phenomen be used to Detect Health Effects of Magnetic Fields

2.2.2 Electromagnetic Phenomena on Cellular Level

Cosic, Irena (Australia):
Is Selectivity of Protein Interactions Electromagnetic in Nature?

Yokoyama, H.; Satoh, T.; Ohya-Nishiguchi, H.; Kamada, H.; Kasai, N.; Matsue, T. (Japan):
Microelectrode Detected Electron Spin Resonance (MEDESR) Signals of
Free Radicals in Electrolyte Solutions

Linne, Marja-Leena; Jalonen, Tuula O. (Finland):
Method for Simultaneous Detection of Action Potentials and Ion
Channel Openings in a Single Cell

Track 2.3: Bioimpedance

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Wednesday 12.6.96


2.3.1 Skin Impedance
Organized by Tapani Lahtinen

Ollmar, Stig (Sweden):
Quantification of Skin and Muscosal Reactions by Electric Impedance
(Invited 30 min)

Nicander, Ingrid; Lundh Rozell, Barbro; Emtestam, Lennart; Ollmar, Stig (Sweden):
Interpretation of Impedance Data of Stripped Skin Supported by Histological Findings

Fiorini, R.A.; Dacquino, G.F.; Sivo, M.; Arrigo, G.; Bucci, R.;
Colasanti, G.; Selicato, L.; D'Amigo, G. (Italy):
Improved Body Water Estimation by Skin-electrode Interface Modeling
in Bioimpedance Spectroscopy

2.3.2 Blood and Circulatory System Impedance
Organized by Tapani Lahtinen

Grönlund, Juhani; Kero, Pentti; Korvenranta, Heikki; Korhonen, Ilkka;
Jalonen, Jarmo; Äärimaa, Tuula; Välimäki, Ilkka (Finland):
Respiration and Pulse Pressure Influence Cerebral Circulation in
Infants with Peri-intraventricular Haemorrhage - Transcephalic
Electrical Impedance and Mar-modelling Approach

Kauppinen, Pasi; Hyttinen, Jari; Malmivuo, Jaakko (Finland):
Calculation of Impedance Cardiography Measurement Sensitivity -
Application of Reciprocity


Fujii, Mamiko; Kanai, Hiroshi; Sakamoto, Katsuyuki (Japan):
Frequency Characteristics of Flowing Blood

Mazhbich, Boris I.; Gutman, Alexander I.; Manevich, Isaak Z. (Russia):
Transbronchial Regional Electroplethysmography of Lungs


Palko, Tadeusz (Poland):
Impedance Method for Pulmonary Blood Flow Assessment

Walichnowski, Wlodzimierz; Skibniewski, Franciszek; Saganiak, Ryszard (Poland):
Simultaneous Assesment of Blood Flow in Central and Cerebral
Circulatory System during Variable Gravitational Test Conditions

Kööbi, Tiit; Kaukinen, Seppo; Turjanmaa, Väinö M.H.; Uusitalo, Arto J. (Finland):
Reliability of Whole-Body Impedance Cardiography in the Measurement of Cardiac Output

2.3.3 Instrumentation

Vauhkonen, M.; Vadász, D.; Karjalainen, P.A.; Kaipio, J.P. (Finland):
Subspace Regularization Method for Electrical Impedance Tomography

Min, Mart; Parve, Toomas (Estonia):
Current Mode Signal Processing in Lock-in Instruments for Electrical
Bio-impedance Measurement

Martinsen, Örjan G.; Grimnes, Sverre; Nilsen, Simen H. (Norway):
Separation of Electrode Polarization from Bioimpedance Data

Tonkovic', Stanko; Tonkovic', Ivana; Petrunic', Mladen (Croatia):
Modelling Tissue Pressure Changes in Lower Extremities

Repo, Tapani; Hiekkala, Panu; Leinonen, Mikko; Pääkkönen, Timo; Ryyppö, Aija (Finland):
Impedance Spectroscopy on Plant Tissues


Walichnowski, Wlodzimier; Skibniewski, Franciszek, Pekalski, Roman (Poland):
Measurement System by Impedance Method for Investigations of Hemodynamic 
Responses of Cardiovascular System Using Combined LBNP and Orthostatic Stimuli

Molebny, V.V.; Lionheart, W.R.B.; Vovk, P.P.; Mykytenko, Y.H.; Gouz, V.I. (Ukraine):
Sensor Position Measurement for Electroimpedance Tomograph

Yamamoto, Yoshitake; Nakamura, Takao; Seki, Yasuhiko; Akashi, Ken (Japan):
Measuring System of Impedance Pharyngography for Diagnosis of Swallowing Disorders

Nawarycz, T.; Jankowski, J.; Ostrowska-Nawarycz, L.; Baszcynski, J. (Poland):
Triple- Frequency Electroimpedance Method for Evaluation of Body
Water Compartments

Humal, Leo-Henn; Vedru, Jüri (Estonia):
Physiological Measurement Based on Foucault Principle: Set-up of the Problem

Moskalenko, Yu.; Kravchenko, T.; Semernia, V.; Chervotok, A.; Sharapov, K. (Russia):
Bioengineering Support of the Cranial Osteopathy Treatment

Martinsen, Örjan G.; Grimnes, Sverre; Mirtaheri, Peyman (Norway):
Electrical Properties of Fish Muscle Post Mortem

Track 2.4: Neurophysiology

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Monday 10.6.96


2.4.1 Evoked Potentials

Pääkkönen, Ari; Karhu, Jari; Hiltunen, Jaana; Koistinen, Anu; Partanen, Juhani (Finland):
Some Remarks on Auditory ERPs as Deterministic Signals

Tian, Jilei; Juhola, Martti; Grönfors, Tapio (Finland):
Complementary Wiener Filter for Extracting Auditory Evoked Potential

Grönfors, Tapio (Finland):
Clustering of Pedestal Peak Parameters for Preliminary Classification
Tasks of Auditory Brainstem Responses

Karjalainen, P.A.; Kaipio, J.P.; Koistinen, A.S. (Finland):
PCA Based Bayesian Estimation of Single Trial Evoked Potentials

Yamashita, Masaji (Japan):
The Analysis of Event-Related Potentials Elicited during Remembering
Task Using the Sequential Difference Method

Hartikainen, Kaisa; Rorarius, Michael; Jäntti, Ville (Finland):
Monitoring Function of Somatosensory Pathways During Anaesthesisa
with Evoked EEG Bursts


Endo, Hiroshi; Kizuka, Tomohiro; Masuda, Tadashi; Takeda, Tsunehiro;
Kumagai, Toru; Kobayakawa, Tatsu; Morabito, Maurizio (Japan):
Simultaneous Estimation of Motor Sensor Activities During a Finger Movement

Mäkelä, K.; Hölttä, V. (Finland):
A New Peak-Intensity Photometer for the Calibration of
Photostimulators Used in ERG and FVEP Studies


2.4.2 EEG Signal Processing

Juhola, Martti (Finland):
Some Aspects in Signal Analysis of Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex Eye Movement

Schack, Barbara; Weiss, Sabine; Rappelsberger, Peter (Germany):
Dynamic Topographic Methods of Coherence Analysis of Cognitive Processes

Kofronová, Michaela (Czech Republic):
Processing of Human EEG Data Contaminated by Artefacts


Andrew, Colin; Edlinger, Gunter; Florian, Germot; Pfurtscheller, Gert (Austria):
Multivariate and Multi-order Spectral Analysis of EEG Activity
Recorded over Sensorimotor Areas during Discrete Finger Movements

Bellomonte, L. (Italy):
Simulation of the Oscillatory Potential of the Electroretinogram

Matsuoka, Takahide (Japan):
On Investigation of Phase-Locking by a Functional Model of Primary
Auditory Nerves of Type 1

2.4.3 Sleep Studies

Werner, Heinrich; Kloeppel, Bert; Roeschke, Joachim (Germany):
Automated Sleep Stage Detection Using Neural Networks

Huupponen, Eero; Värri, Alpo; Hasan, Joel; Saarinen, Jukka; Kaski, Kimmo (Finland):
Sleep Arousal Detection with Neural Network

Filz, Oliver; Rappelsberger, Peter; König, Herbert (Austria):
Coherence Profiles of EEG Sleep Recordings


Tiihonen, Pekka; Kinnunen, Jukka (Finland):
Serial Transmission System Using Manchester II Coding Applied to
Sleep Laboratory Telemetry

Trencker, Ernst; Rappelsberger, Peter (Austria):
Computer Aided Visual Sleep EEG Scoring

Trencker, Ernst; Rappelsberger, Peter (Austria):
Requirements for Automatic Sleep Spindle Detection Using Artificial
Neural Networks

Tuesday 11.6.96


2.4.4 Application of Neural Networks in Neurophysiology

Hoffmann, Katrin; Feucht, Martha; Witte, Herbert; Benninger, Franz; 
Bolten, Jens (Germany):
Topographic Classification of Rolandic Spike Activity by Means of 
Neural Networks

van Gils, Mark J.; Cluitmans, J.M. (Finland):
Estimating the Position of Characteristic Peaks in Intra-Operatively
Recorded Auditory Evoked Potentials using Artificial Neural Networks

Doering, A.; Pietilä, T.; Witte, H. (Germany):
A Neural Network - Based Approach to Spike Detection in Epileptic EEG

Winterer, G.; Klöppel, B.; Heinz, A.; Schmidt,I.G.; Hermann, W.M. (Germany):
Quantitative EEG (QEEG) Predicts Relapse in Patients with Chronic
Alcoholism - A Combined Statistical and Neural Network Approach

Magdolen, J.; Rappelsberger, P.; Dorffner, G.; Flexer, A.; Winterer, G. (Austria):
Artificial Neural Networks and Data Dimensionality Reduction Mappings
for Identification of Psychiatric Disorders in EEG

Bogdan, Martin; Rosenstiel, Wolfgang (Germany):
Classification of Nerve Signals Using Kohonen's Self-Organizing Map

Raja, Aimur; Tuulik, Viiu; Lossman, Eerik; Meister, Ants (Estonia):
Neural Network Approach to Classify the Functional State of CNS in
Case of Neurotoxic Diseases


Saastamoinen, Antti; Pietilä, Timo; Värri, Alpo; Saarinen, Jukka; Kaski, Kimmo (Finland):
Neural Network Based Method for Tracking Artefactual Patterns in EEG

Wednesday 12.6.96


2.4.5 EEG and MEG

Wischmann, Hans-Aloys; Drenckhahn, Ralf; Wagner, Michael; Fuchs, Manfred (Germany):
Systematic Distribution of the Auto Solid Angle and Related Integrals
onto the Adjacent Triangles for the Node Based Boundary Element Method

Laarne, Päivi; Heinonen, Tomi; Malmivuo, Jaakko; Eskola, Hannu (Finland):
Application of the Reciprocity Theorem to EEG Using a Realistic Head Model

Fuchs, Manfred; Wischmann, Hans-Aloys; Köhler, Thomas; Wagner, Michael (Germany):
The Local Contribution to the Field and the Noise Induced Standard
Deviation as Criteria for the Iterative Refinement of Current Density Reconstructions

Ollikainen, J.; Vauhkonen, M.; Kaipio, J.P.; Karjalainen, P.A. (Finland):
Using EIT Resistivity Estimates in EEG Problems

Babiloni, Fabio; Babiloni, Claudio; Carducci, Filippo; Fattorini,
Luigi; Onorati, Paolo; Del Gaudio, Mauro; Urbano, Antonio (Italy):
Performance of Two New High Resolution EEG Technologies Using
Realistic MR-Constructed Subject's Head Models

Malmivuo, Jaakko; Suihko, Veikko; Eskola, Hannu (Finland):
Effect of Cerebrospinal Fluid on the Sensitivity Distributions of EEG and MEG


He, B.; Wang, Y.; Pak, S.; Ling, Y. (USA):
Cortical Source Imaging from Scalp Electroencephalograms

Lahtinen, Antti; Laarne, Päivi; Malmivuo, Jaakko; Eskola, Hannu (Finland):
Comparison of Methods for Approximation of Cortical EEG from Scalp Recordings


Virtanen, Juha; Rinne, Teemu; Näätänen, Risto (Finland):
Electrode Cap for Simultaneous EEG and MEG Recordings

Meretoja, A.-P.; Lang, H.; Kärki, T.; Toivo, T.; Eskola, H. (Finland):
Asymmetry of Cortical EEG Rhythms *

van Burik, Michiel; Pfurtscheller, Gert; Peters, Maria (Austria):
Dipole Source Localization of Post-Movement Beta Synchronization
During Foot Movement

Lehtinen, Mika; Forsman, Kimmo; Kettunen, Lauri; Malmivuo, Jaakko; Eskola, Hannu (Finland):
Effect of Skull and Scalp Thickness on EEG

Ventouras, Eric; Uzunoglu, Nikos; Papageorgiou, Charalambos;
Rabavilas, Andreas; Stefanis, Costas (Greece):
Inversion of Event-Related Potentials of Obsessive Compulsive
Disorder Patients to Intracranial Distributed Current Sources

2.4.6 Electromyografia

Zalewska, E.; Rowinska-Marcinska, K.; Hausmanova-Petrusewicz (Poland):
Quantitative Evaluation of Double Motor Unit Potentials' Shape


van Gils, Mark J.; Conwit, Robin A.; Metter, E. Jeffrey; Cluitmans, J.M. (Finland):
A Data-Acquisition System for Combined EMG and Strength Measurements
in Research on Age-Associated Changes in the Neuromuscular System

Konkka, Ilmari; Punkkinen, Jari; Pikkarainen, Pekka; Helenius,
Kari-Pekka; Turjanmaa, Väinö (Finland):
Alterations in Electric Activity in Stomach in Diabetic Patients
Suffering from Nephropathy

Thursday 13.6.96


2.4.7 Electric and Magnetic Stimulation

Lithgow, B.J.; Clark, G.M. (Australia):
A High Pulse Rate Electric Stimulation Model: An Inferior Colliculus Unit Study

Rimpiläinen, Ilpo; Toppila, Esko; Starck, Jukka; Eskola, Hannu; Pyykkö, Ilmari (Finland):
The Noise Pressure Level in Magnetic Stimulation

Hoshimiya, Nozomu; Higa, Hiroki; Watanabe, Takashi; Murakami, Hajime;
Futami, Ryoko; Matsuki, Hidetoshi; Iguchi, Yasutaka; Handa, Yasunobu;
Takahashi, Koro; Furukawa, Takashi; Ogasawara, Yoshikazu; Shimotomai, Takashi (Japan):
Development of Multi-Channel Implantable Functional Electrical
Stimulation (FES) System for Clinical Usage

Knez, Natasa; Valencic Vojko (Slovenia):
Measurement of Muscle Belly Response to Electrical Stimulation

Suihko, Veikko; Eskola, Hannu; Malmivuo, Jaakko (Finland):
Electrical Transcranial Stimulator for Monitoring During Neurosurgury

Suihko, Veikko; Malmivuo, Jaakko; Eskola, Hannu (Finland):
Three-electrode vs. Unifocal Technique in Transcranial Electrical Stimulation

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